No challenge stops the director of the Maison de la culture de L’Avenir

In L’Avenir, a small town located between Richmond and Drummondville, the Maison de la culture attracts a loyal and growing audience. Eighteen shows are scheduled during the season, which is a record for the 175-seat venue. “We are really proud. I think that in Quebec, in several theaters, there are difficulties with the sale of tickets, and for us, that does not seem to be the case”, affirms the general manager of the place, Anie Parenteau, who, on the other hand, inspires more than one by his remarkable determination.

The director has been running the place for six years, despite paralysis in all four limbs. At the age of 15, he fractured his cervical spine while diving into a swimming pool. I am truly quadriplegic. I don’t have the mobility of my fingers, of my hands. […] I don’t walk, I’m in an electric wheelchair., she says. Despite his disability, the eternal optimist thrives on challenges and new projects. In fact, nothing stops him.

We find the strength to overcome it all. Life is Beautiful. We just do things differently. Anything can be done, it’s about finding solutions. »

a quote from Anie Parenteau, general director of the Maison de la culture de L’Avenir

The House of Culture of the Future

Photo: Courtesy of Johanne Laroche

The key: adaptation

For 35 years, Anie has adapted to all situations, even the most complicated.

It is anyway an eternal management and adaptation. Among other things, this summer I fractured my femur. It really is a lot of adaptation, but it is the same for the cultural environment!

The manager takes care of everything at the Maison de la culture, including the development of programming. We always try to be very varied in programming. we try to have bluesof countryfolk, comedians through him. She explains this public enthusiasm for the cabaret formula offered by the small chain. Another example of innovation: on Saturday, October 22, there is Oktoberfest at the P’tit Marché de L’Avenir, a weekly event that she also organized.

Maintaining a place of culture away from the big centers is necessary for the businesswoman.

People appreciate the proximity with the artists. We have regulars who come and go, feel like they’ve come home, seen a great show and talked to the artist at the end. It’s really another experience, and I think that’s what makes us successful.she explains.

L’Estrienne also lived in Danville for 40 years before moving home to L’Avenir two years ago for the love of her job. I think now, in L’Avenir, they don’t have as many options. I’m here to stay for a good time!

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