Environmental protection: Xavier Thévenard starts his tour of Ile-de-France from Yvelines

Xavier Thévenard has started his journey through Paris of more than 250 kilometers (©RD)

Departure above 1 pm This Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the trailer Xavier Thevenardthree-time winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, began his round of more than 250 kilometers around Ile de France.

A first day of travel that started from Creps de Châtenay-Malabry before passing through the Yvelinesa Dollar and that should end in Verneuil-sur-Seine, on the leisure island of Val de Seine.

The final arrival is scheduled for Friday, October 21, around 3:00 p.m., at the INSEP. A tour that will be done on foot but also in tandem and also by kayak.

But more important than that is the message what Xavier Thévenard, ambassador of MAIF Sport Planète, wants to convey on this tour of Île-de-France.

“We want to show initially that in this department the most urbanized France there are still some places of vegetation that need to be protected”, explains Xavier Thévenard.

“With our current way of life, we are going to lose if we continue like this. There is a climate change that cannot be denied. This whole system needs to be overhauled. In 2050 the production of fossil energy will be reduced by half, we will have to anticipate or suffer the decline, we can no longer live in overconsumption. »

Xavier ThevenardTrailer

Thus, Xavier Thévenard, a high-level athlete, takes a committed look. “Today we should be limited in our activity. Flying too much is slowly killing our biodiversity. In Europe, there are about 800,000 deaths each year due to air pollution. »

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“I am only transmitting what the IPCC says”

Today this trail runner no longer takes the plane to consume less, a rare speech among athletes, far from the “sand boat” controversy.

“Today we think that we are an honest citizen for cycling and selective classification. It’s good, but not good enough. To respect the Paris agreements, citizens would have to be at 2 tons of Co2 per year per person to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. An average Frenchman is at 10 tons, so today we can make our carbon footprint, it is what I What I want to contribute in my discipline and in sport in general is to raise awareness about this. I am far from being exemplary, I am at 4 tons of CO2 per year, but we have to talk about it together and review our way of life. »

Xavier Thevenard,ultra trail runner

For him, athletes have a role to play: “We are heard and well seen in society. I am only passing on what the IPCC can say. Unfortunately, scientists aren’t listened to, unlike athletes, which is why I’m passing along this path, even if I’m not the most credible to talk about it. »

One last big race to make known ecology before starting its winter preparation and the 2023 season.

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