“The Innocent”, S8jfou, “Foretales”… The 10 out of 10 of the service Culture of Libé – Liberation

Lost in the multiplex, haggard in the bookstore, disoriented in front of streaming platforms? Don’t know what to see, read, listen to, do this weekend? The Culture team gives you some advice.


“The Innocent”, the nut of lightning

Between family cell and simple cell, breakups and love stories, the cheerful comedy by and with Louis Garrel emotionally unravels the stakes of a filiation. Our review.

“Pénélope mon amour”, her daughter, her battle

For twenty years, Claire Doyon filmed her daughter who suffered from severe autism and Rett syndrome. From this filial love plagued by illness, she draws a moving documentary. Our review.

“Cain and Abel”, tonic brothers

Distributed on Blu-ray by Carlotta Films, the superb and violent melody of the Filipino filmmaker, author in particular of male dancer, attacked the military dictatorship in 1982 under cover of a family tragedy. Our review.


“Station Eleven”, well in its post-apo

Patrick Somerville’s beautiful miniseries, adapted from the novel by Emily St. John Mandel and broadcast on Syfy, imagines a world devastated by an epidemic but goes beyond the tragedy thanks to a profoundly humanistic prism. Our review.


S8jloco, bum ahead

Created with only two digital programs, Op Echo, the disturbing new album by the musician exiled in the Pyrenees, seduced by its tranquility. Our review.

“Stup Forever”, terror is human

With his sample-snatching art and shrill mutant flow, the rapper delves deeper and deeper into his harrowing, regressive cannabis groove on the album. Stup forever. Our review.


“Panorama 24. To the other side”: in Fresnoy, the image in all its splendor

Instagram filters, virtual crowds, cosmic creatures… The annual exhibition at the Fresnoy contemporary art studio in Tourcoing (until December 31) is rich in experimentation. Our review.

“The Fugitive”, Albertine in dressing gown

The Credac exhibition in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne, until December 18) embodies the Proustian heroine and her homoerotic loves in an intimate and sensual exhibition. Our review.

comic books

“Les Pizzlys”, survival is beautiful

An excellent animist tale of adaptability, Jérémie Moreau’s latest album propels a failed Uber driver and his siblings to a gray and neon pink Alaska where they can start anew. Our review.


“Foretales”, the story is good

The latest creation from the Nantes studio Alkemi uses the codes of a Disney-style card game, but in a new and very successful way. Our review.

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