The images of the Star Academy castle, 14 years after the last season

TELEVISION – The paint is still fresh a few hours after the arrival of the candidates. This Saturday, October 15, the doors of the Star Academy reopen after 14 years. For this occasion, The HuffPost went to the Château de Vives-Eaux in Dammarie-lès-Lys, as you can see in this video.

13 candidates will enter the castle and substantial work has been carried out while the site has remained abandoned all these years. And even with 2 days to go before the long-awaited bonus, the last details (and no less important) were still being adjusted.

Since May, Endemol’s technical production teams have been working to revive this place. And it is not for less, after closing its doors in 2008, the castle was left without maintenance, except for the gardens. ” The owner has the floor, here we are only tenants, but he did not refuse any of the arrangements that we had proposed. “says Jean-Louis Blot, the director of Endemol during this guided tour.

The tenants of the premises will therefore have to return everything to its original state at the end of the season, even if there is a new one. ” We have created false walls to separate some parts of the castle, so we will have to remove them at the end. says Jean-Louis Blot.

A decoration in the image of this new breath for the Star Ac’

The classrooms and the headmaster’s office are outside the castle, in several small rooms. Head to the music room, where nostalgia is in full swing. Pianos and instruments from past editions are on display and light frames reign on the walls. We found photos of big names in music who came to sing with the former candidates.

The HuffPost The instruments used at the time are exhibited in the music room

The HuffPost

The instruments used at the time are exhibited in the music room

One obstacle during this renovation: the ballroom. Originally, it was in a glass ceiling a few steps from the castle, but its deterioration did not allow the teams to use it as it was. So, the production created a prefab ballroom last minute, and 48 hours before release, there was still work…

Let’s go through the castle gates now. Young, sweet and benevolent, these are the keywords of the production of this new edition, but also of the decoration. Every color, every piece of furniture down to the color of the bedding has been carefully chosen, we were told. A pastel salmon pink for the kitchen, a vivid blue for the living room. Everything is there so that the 13 academics feel at home.

The decoration of the Star Ac has always been striking, and there we wanted something more welcoming, with identity for each room says Michael Goldman, the production manager in the director’s room. And this “welcoming” atmosphere is confirmed throughout the visit.

The living room has been completely renovated.
The HuffPost The living room has been completely renovated.

The HuffPost

The living room has been completely renovated.

The salmon-pink kitchen is fully equipped, but will only be revealed to you on bonus night, as will the bedrooms. The room has been completely redesigned, with a sofa and TV on one side, and instruments on the other for students to work on.

One last element has found its place: the famous telephone. Installed at the entrance of the castle, it is difficult to miss. Candidates will not have access to their phone, but will be able to communicate with their loved ones with it.

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