QMJHL: Charlottetown Islanders in rebuilding mode

We start, we start again, again and again. The islanders practice their automatisms on this October morning. And there is work for an island team renewed more than 50% during the preseason.

This year will be different. We have many new players. It’s a lot of work, teaching. We watch a lot of videos and have more one-on-one meetings with the players to get them used to it. »

a quote from Guy Girouard, assistant coach, Charlottetown Islanders

After years of success, it’s time to rebuild for Charlottetown Islanders.

Photo: Julien Lecacheur

place for reconstruction

After years of success, punctuated by a lost President’s Cup final last year to Shawinigan’s detriment, the Islanders begin a new cycle. Gone are the veterans and main architects of past victories, such as Lukas Cormier, Patrick Guay or Xavier Simoneau.

They have given way to much youth and inexperience. In spite of everything, it is not about talking about a simple transition season for Guy Girouard. When you’re rebuilding, the goal is not to stay that way for too long. We hope it will not last three years.ensures.

Islanders players kneel on the court at the Eastlink Center.  They listen to their coach.

The Charlottetown Islanders want to beat the odds and avoid bottom of the standings.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julien Lecacheur

A new team is born

Young and old accept it, they all skate in the same direction. Francesco Lapenna already experienced this transition from a winning team to a rebuilding team during his time at Drummondville. Today the Islanders’ starting goalkeeper delivers a lucid portrait of the situation.

Last year we had a very good team. We were happy to go to the playoffs. But like all things in life, you have to know how to lead and think about something else. This year we are young, but we have a good group. We all work hard together and improve every day. »

a quote from Francesco Lapenna, goalie, Charlottetown Islanders
Refreshment for the players of the Charlottetown Islanders.

For veterans of the Charlottetown Islanders, the role is simple: lead by example and play the role of big brother to the younger ones.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julien Lecacheur

Perfect chemistry?

Francesco Lapenna and Alexis Michaud ideally represent this new team. On the one hand, the best goalkeeper in the QMJHL plays the role of older brother, while the young striker from Quebec continues his apprenticeship.

It’s our job as the older ones to teach the new ones and then show how to do it and be precise, pay attention to detail.explains Francesco Lapenna.

And Alexis Michaud to add under the amused gaze of his partner, I was very lucky to have extremely welcoming veterans like Franky (Francesco’s nickname in the locker room). They are older brothers to me. help me and support meassures the 16-year-old Quebecois.

Jim Hulton gives instructions to his players.  Patrick LeBlanc, foreground, listens intently.

A great architect of the team’s success, Jim Hulton has extended his contract with the Islanders for three more seasons.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julien Lecacheur

A transfer of power that will continue throughout the year smoothly and on familiar ground. The confidence of the leaders in their coaches, Jim Hulton and Guy Girouard at the helm -they have extended their contracts for another three years- invites stability and offers a guarantee of success in the future.

That is our goal, to prove the world wrong. We have a very good coach who is capable of performing miracles. »

a quote from Alexis Michaud, Forward, Charlottetown Islanders

Once again, the goal will be to beat the odds, a role that fits perfectly with the Charlottetown Islanders.

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