Amazon Promotion: The World’s Best PC Monitor is Finally Dropping in Price!

news good deal Amazon Promotion: The World’s Best PC Monitor is Finally Dropping in Price!

This screen has no measure and is currently being offered at a great price! If you want to discover new horizons and give a new meaning to the word “immersion”, this is your screen!

Amazon is a place known for its abundance of discounts and competitive prices. Whether it’s in terms of smartphones, PC screens, or clothing, this truly is THE must-see event!

Currently we find the PC screen without common measurement, the Neo G9 of the Odyssey range. With a 49-inch diagonal, it’s a true liner designed entirely to make your office work easier and, above all, to offer you a completely new vision of your PC games.

Buy the Neo G9 for €1,519.00 on Amazon

At Samsung, they quickly understood the interest of a curved panel. And so much so that it has become its trademark with the screen curvature at 1000R.

This curvature is the strongest on the market and allows for displays that truly form an arc of a circle around the person wearing a Samsung Odyssey.

Samsung’s Neo G9 is one of the most symbolic representatives, along with Samsung Ark, of this desire to offer screens that truly embrace their user.

And this is widely seen in the Samsung Neo G9 with its features. Its 1000R bend radius stands out more than obviously with the slab’s 49-inch diagonal.

The latter need not blush at the competition. With its refresh rate of 240Hz, its response time of only 1ms and its resolution of 5120×2160, it makes it a reference screen for gaming.

With this fine detail, you can enjoy the fluidity of many titles. On top of that, with the 32:9 format, fans of FPS, TPS and racing games will get their money’s worth.

In fact, the combination between the curvature of the screen and the quality of its panel allows you to have a feeling of total immersion. The Neo G9 manages to completely encompass your field of vision and thus offers you a true immersion in your games.

Buy the Neo G9 for €1,519.00 on Amazon

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