Home delivery of returnable bottles, a serious path for ecology and wallet

Bottled water, fruit juices, beer… in a glass, engraved, and above all delivered and collected at your doorstep. A small gesture for Man but a big step for ecology? Let’s not go that far, but it is a nice and simple initiative launched by a young company from Strasbourg, YSE ((You Save Earth) and recently installed near the Strasbourg Entzheim airport. You do not need to take your car to collect your bottles in the supermarket, then manage them before putting them back in the locker – a virtuous circle for the environment that could seriously help limit plastic bottles.

For these two young founders, Erwann Dauges and Thomas Jaffredou, the home delivery of recorded drinks is above all “access to ecological, positive and local alternatives”, what motivates them. Young entrepreneurs, but who already have the bottle, relying on this sector for more than three years…. But for a few weeks, his company has offered home delivery and returnable beverage collection. Announced success, they have already sold nearly 5,000 bottles.

“For a real ecological impact”

The beginning ? The consumer places an order on the YSE website. “We work on boxes filled with 12 bottles, which can be mixed, such as three of water, six of fruit juice, three of beer, even of different capacities. And we prepare all the deliveries”, explains Erwann Dauges. Deliveries and collections that are also free, although the cash register also records 1.80 euros, but that will also be paid to a kitty. “We are here to offer the consumer a complete offer, not overloaded… Affordable and so that the deposit has a real ecological impact”, insists Erwann. With the lever, “local production, short circuits and responsible producers that we want to propose, that are independent, to have the least impact on the environment.” And to go after their convictions, they work with a 100% electric utility vehicle, which radiates throughout the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg. “Over short distances, the deposit is interesting, because it allows you to pick up bottles directly from people,” he explains. A final but decisive link in the chain that could strengthen the deposit sector as a whole.

Ecological but also economical, especially since the price of glass bottles is skyrocketing due to shortages after the closure of glass factories in Ukraine and then the energy crisis. “We want ecological and responsible consumption to be simplified. In other words, it should not be up to consumers to make an effort, whether physical or organizational, to have to collect and bring returnable bottles far from home… “Ecological consumption” must take into account the different users, so we can have an ecological transition by companies. »

Its producers? Meteor, La Narcose, Carola mineral waters, Celta, Lisbeth, Sidra Sautter…. Waiting to find milk producers and very soon wine producers. A very effective economic model because “adapted to the local context and production”, says Erwann Dauges. “The producers must and are all located within a radius of 100 kilometers. We work directly with all our suppliers, we do not go through purchasing groups, which is essential for us because it helps reduce costs”, he continues. The interest? “Reduce the waiting time so that the returnable bottle is reused to the maximum in the minimum amount of time,” he says. Another benefit for producers is the digitization of instructions: “This allows you to know where the glass bottles are. A traceability that is clearly missing in the current distribution channel of supermarkets”, adds Erwann Dauges.

YSE thus accounts for about 90, even 95% of returnable bottle returns. Something that interests the producers. A good return and also something good for consumers’ pockets: in addition to saving fuel to buy and bring their bottles, “we are at the same price as supermarkets and in certain products we are even cheaper,” rejoices the young entrepreneur.

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