A Maison Sport Santé opens in Loudéac on October 7

Michel Mihami and Dr. Mohammed Jebli will accompany the population of the territory in evaluating their health. ©RD

This project antenna of the Home Sport Health (MSS) to Loudeac presents a major public health problem.

started by him Dr Mohamed Jeblidiabetologist-endocrinologist and sports doctor in Central Brittany Hospital Centerhas the support of the two city councils of Loudeac Y Pontivy as well as the Center Bretagne Hospital Group, GHCB.

the SMS with its two branches in Loudéac and Pontivy, will be responsible for to start, To accompanyof bring back everything to them public to one adapted physical activityregardless of the age, frailty and state of health of the person.

The MSS is also open to those who are away from any physical activity in particular the public in a precarious or handicapped situation.

To maintain good physical and mental health, you have to move!

Dr Mohamed Jebli

“Because the observation is clear: the official recommendations in terms of physical activity are not not reached, explains Dr. Jebli. Prayed, impact of the sedentary lifestyle about health is heavy of impact : doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, it also increases the risk of colon, breast, prostate or uterine cancer, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety… A single word to stay in good physical condition and mental health, is necessary move ! »

The MSS will be a springboard for all structures, clubs, associations, sports halls…

One step to take

The MMS will be located in the heart of the city where you will be received by a professional qualified in Adapted Physical Activity, APA.

Videos: currently on Actu

“Whether you come of your own free will or referred by a health care professional, a evaluation report it will be necessary to establish the action plan, with tests validated on a national scale”, underlines Michel Mihami, associated with the project.

Therefore, two scenarios are considered.

Or the tests confirm that you can continue your physical activity, alone or in a club with qualified educators, and your presence in MSS stop right there.

Or it turns out that you have need Of a few sessions to help you and you reset, before orienting you from then on towards a classic structure of adapted sports practice. you are then Welcome to multimedia messages.

Note the free was selected for this start-up at the end of the year.

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