Miracle foods to improve your health

What are the miraculous fruits to be full of energy?

Consuming certain fruits such as apples and dates offers great benefits to your body.

Blueberry: a powerful antioxidant

Lingonberry, also known as “cranberry”, has a preventive effect on urinary tract infections.

Consume lemons to eliminate toxins from the body

Source of mineral salts and trace elements, lemons also have an incredible effect on bad cholesterol.

Include dates in your diet for a healthy digestive system

The dates are very rich in fiber and improve intestinal transit. They promote the proper functioning of the digestive system. Date sugar is very healthy. They are therefore good snacks to counteract the consumption of industrial cookies that contain bad sugars. Dates can be eaten at the beginning or end of a meal.

Benefits of mango: an ideal fruit for the skin

Mangoes, fruits rich in minerals and vitamins, help reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system. This miracle food helps strengthen the skin and keep it hydrated. Vitamin C promotes collagen production. Eating mango is also helpful against heartburn.

Eating apples helps maintain a healthy weight

Apples are fruits to favor, as part of a balanced diet, if you want to take care of your figure. Known for suppressing hunger, they provide a satiety effect which invites you to drastically reduce snacking. Eating raw apples with the skin also reduces constipation. In fact, rich in fiber, apples eaten with the skin facilitate intestinal transit. However, in case of diarrhoea, it is strongly recommended to peel them.

What are the miracle vegetables that preserve the disease?

The vegetables that we have selected offer Impressive benefits for your body.

Cucumber: a vegetable full of water with a moisturizing effect

Many people suffer from chronic dehydration without even knowing it. Cucumbers work wonders against this problem. Rich in water, this food has a moisturizing power. Very Low in caloriesit is also very popular as part of a dietary rebalancing.

Leafy vegetables: foods against bad cholesterol

Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, and watercress are miracle green leafy vegetables that keep you healthy. Green leafy vegetables contain many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and very few calories. All these leafy vegetables are sources of protein that are easily assimilated by the body. also allow fight bad cholesterol.

White and red onions: vegetables with antibacterial properties

Consumed regularly, white and red onions play a similar role as antibiotics. However, you may experience digestive irritation or pain after a meal containing onions. To avoid this, our advice is to gradually incorporate them into your diet. The onion is a food of choice that has a purifying effect about the organism.

Eat Celery: A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Vegetable

Celery cleans and repairs the intestinal walls. In addition, studies support that it greatly facilitates digestion. Celery, which is not unanimous for its particular flavor, can be drunk in juice or mixed with other fruits and vegetables.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases with garlic

Commonly recognized for its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, garlic helps fight colds and the flu. This food is also great for the heart. This little ally increases the fluidity of the blood. Thus, its regular consumption prevents the formation of blood clots in the arteries. Eating a small amount of garlic daily prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Germinated seeds that stimulate the brain

Scientific studies prove it, germinated seeds are amazing for the brain. They contain amino acids and enzymes that strengthen neurons. These seeds help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. They anticipate the risks of memory loss in general. Rich in protein, fatty acids and amino acids, they are excellent for health. Our advice to consume it regularly: sprinkle it on your salads and fresh dishes. In small quantities, they can be enjoyed in almost any meal.

What are the herbs and spices to consume regularly for iron health?

There are many herbs and spices with incredible virtues, especially interesting for counteract the evils of everyday life.

Turmeric: the miracle food against inflammatory diseases

Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants, it reduces blood cholesterol levels. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory for chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or colitis.

Ginger: a recommended plant to reduce headaches

Best consumed in the morning or at the end of the day as an herbal tea, ginger helps reduce headaches and the onset of migraines. Grated, mixed with hot water and lemon, this food displays all its virtues. It also reveals incredible benefits in digestion, reduce nausea and vomiting After a meal.

Parsley: the ideal anti-fatigue plant rich in vitamins

Parsley contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Parsley fully increase the body. To reap its benefits, this herb is eaten fresh and raw. It can be eaten in salads and even fresh in your hot dishes.

What are miracle wild foods?

Wild foods, very little exploited, nevertheless provide health and vitality to your organization.

Nettle: a superfood that helps during menstruation

During their periods, women often lose many essential minerals, including magnesium and iron. The capture of nettle in the second part of the cycle allows to maintain adequate levels of iron. Nettle is one of the best herbs in the world to help women. It is consumed before and during the cycle. Dried nettle leaves can be drunk as herbal tea or sprinkled on salads. This plant is also wonderful for the skin and the hair

Aloe vera: a plant to strengthen the immune system

Known primarily as a soothing gel for wounds, cuts, and sunburn, aloe vera can also be drunk. This magical drink, to be consumed in moderation, promotes gut health and stomach. Aloe vera strengthens the immune system and helps it defend itself against microorganisms.

Wild Blueberries: Fruits With Powerful Antioxidants

One of the most valuable foods in the world is the various types of cancer. To benefit from its great virtues, include wild blueberries regularly in your diet.

Dandelion: a useful plant against urinary tract infections

One of the great advantages of this flower is that you can eat everything: the roots, the leaves, the stems and the flower. The dandelion is rich in mineral salts such as copper, calcium, iron, silica and manganese. According to Vidal, dried dandelion leaves are offered as a diuretic. Thus, they favor the elimination of water by the kidneys, in cases of urinary infections and kidney stones. However, be careful not to pick dandelions in potentially contaminated locations.

If you include these foods regularly in your meals, they will help you stay healthy. Its vitamins, proteins, acids and antioxidants will protect you from certain diseases. As part of a balanced diet, these foods will help you lose weight or simply feel fit. Generally speaking, increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables will improve your health and well-being.

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