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this thursday 29 september vincent labarthe, Vice President of the Occitania Region, was present in the place of the company MATERIAL of Bagnac-sur-Cele, in the lot, for a very symbolic moment : the first steel cut carried out within the framework of manufacturing floats 3 wind turbines pilots to be installed opposite Gruissan in 2024.

Chosen by the winner of one of the EOLMED pilot farms, the company MATIERE, specialized in the construction of engineering structures, started this Thursday the manufacture of the steel parts of the 3 floats of more than 2600 tons each. This phase of the project, which will mobilize 120 skilled workers for more than a year (welders, machinists, etc.), includes, in particular, the training of an additional twenty new welders under the Innov Emploi regional programme.

Once their manufacture is finished, these pieces will be transported to the port of Port-La Nouvelle and later assembled. Next, the floats will be launched, the mast, the gondola and the blades of the wind turbine will be integrated by means of a very high capacity crane installed in the area of ​​the wind turbine dock arranged for this purpose by the Region. Once these operations are completed, the wind turbines can be towed, moored and put into service off Gruissan.

happy and proud to see materialize in Occitanie, in the Lot department, the construction of the first wind turbines that will soon float off our coasts ! While the energy independence and sovereignty of our country becomes more important newthis first step comes underline the choice we made in Occitania from 2016 to focus on low carbon energy identifiedant especially Floating wind power as a pillar of our energy mix. It also rewards our effort to locate new industrial sectors in our territory, such as here in the Lot, with the key to more than a hundred jobs. Linterest in our region and our country is vital : provide residents with green energy that is cheap and creates jobss direct maritime and industrialwhile ensuring our energy independence »said Carole Delga outside of the event.

The manufacture of these first floats marks the beginning of a great project which will see from 2023 the assembly of 6 floating wind turbines in the port of Port-La Nouvelle, then their installation off Gruissan and Leucate / Barcarès.

Occitania, pioneer in floating wind energy

With the ambition of becoming the first positive energy region in Europe, the Occitania Region plans to halve the consumption of fossil fuels and triple the share of renewable energies. To achieve this, it is fully committed to the development of the floating offshore wind energy sector, which should ultimately account for 40% of the wind energy energy targets in the Energy Positive Region trajectory.

Two pilot farms of 3 wind turbines each, with a total power of 60 Megawatts, will be installed in 2023 and 2024, complemented by a first commercial wind farm of 250 Megawatts from 2028. The objective is to build a real attack force capable of increase the energy independence of the region, with the eventual installation of commercial parks that total a power of 800 Megawatts in 2030 and 3 Gigawatts in 2050.

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