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The platform for resale of objects and clothes vintage has many followers. While the site is quite easy to use, there are still some drawbacks. You can quickly worry about a temporary blocked Vinted account or even packing to ship items! For many resellers, this is really the most limiting point.

“Often, you are too lazy to make the package, you are there, you are still 400 boxes. You save all the boxes of your online orders, when you go shopping. You keep all the bags just in case to send to Vinted.” said @Fit.cass, on TikTok. What seller on the platform does not recognize himself in these words!

Influencer shares a packing tip from Vinted on TikTok

The influencer @Fit.cass, on TikTok made many happy with her trick. Since it seems to sell a lot on Vinted, he thought he’d bother less with the packaging. Smiling in this video, we see that she changed his life. Given the number of comments (over 680), we imagine that it has helped many other sellers as well.

In the comments of this trick video, we see that not everyone is convinced. We can read : Yes, Vinted’s goal is second hand, so also reusing boxes etc. “Yes, it’s good, but it’s buying to end up in the trash… :/ Apart from the boxes, it’s also second-hand!!” “Well, it is neither ecological nor economical” or “It is expensive”. This solution found by the young woman is not to the taste of all those who find it not environmentally friendly and quite expensive.

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Vinted’s packaging solution: a strong plastic bag with adhesive

Your solution to the problem of packaging to sell on Vinted is simply a bag very strong plastic with an adhesive. According to her, it is really practical, because it allows you to store clothes without the packaging taking up space. This would also allow multiple parts to be put into a single package. In the video she also talks about the price of this bag: 20 euros for 100.

The plastic bag that the influencer presents is a very solid type of packaging. It also has the advantage of closing very well using its powerful adhesive. However, many people criticize this trick for not being environmentally friendly. Packaging is always a dilemma when you care a bit about the environment.


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Research the most eco-friendly and affordable packaging to sell on Vinted

For those who sell and buy second-hand, the ecological issue may be even more important. Many resellers organize themselves so that their packages are truly “eco-friendly”. The @Fit.cass trick doesn’t seem to be enough for some, as it’s a wrapper on single use plastic.

Other comments on his video also talk about the economic aspect of his cunning. While everything is traded on the Vinted platform, many sellers are looking to spend as little as possible on packages. Even if this Francophone influencer’s suggestion is still not the best, we are sure that she will be able to temporarily help many sellers who had difficulty finding the right packaging!

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