Environment: playful and participatory day in Saint-Dizier

VILLAGE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. This Saturday was the highlight of the Sustainable Development Week in Saint-Dizier. Nature walks, waste collection and a sustainable development village marked the day.

Craft vendors, florists, fruit and vegetables, bus network, aid for energy renewal, energy marketers, sports shop… It didn’t seem like it, but this Saturday there was a fairly wide range of structures at the foot of the walls. Enough to know all the good advice to live well, eat well, classify well, move well, in this “village of sustainable development”.

In the middle of all the capitals there were several associations that celebrated in a playful way, to encourage the general public to continue with the small daily gestures for the environment. Starting with the Ateliers de la Vallée de la Marne, who have built several collective wood composters in the city and who reminded on Saturday how to make a good compost. “What would you put in the compost? Laurent Cartier asks the few people who pass by his stand. Because there are traps, such as eggshells, which, although compostable, are not transformed, or these bags “which are said to be biodegradable but are not,” explains the volunteer.

Instead, these bags will be collected by the Bois l’Abbesse association, as Annie Ghiloni reminds us, a few meters further on. The president of the MAN (Movement for a non-violent alternative), in addition to transmitting her messages of peace and coexistence, also acts as a pedagogue in terms of raffling with, again, a game for everyone. Playful, the quick activity has the merit of reminding us that many local structures recover everything that cannot be thrown away (clothes, batteries, ink cartridges, etc.). A good reminder shot.


GARBAGE COLLECTION. The first event of this dense day, at the end of the Sustainable Development Week, was a collective action of waste collection. The appointment was made at 9:30 am, leaving the socio-cultural center, with the Bormona nature association, which received the support of Unis-cité, Bragarde branch. “I was tired of going to the park with my son and seeing cigarette butts on the ground,” Charlène Lataxe, president of the Bormona youth association, tells the participants, explaining her commitment. This Saturday morning, in the rue Marcel-Thil area, the five participants collected several kilos of waste of all kinds, from cigarette butts to empty cans and plastic containers. “We must remind everyone that the environment begins in our city”, says Charlène Lataxe. “It’s the sidewalk in front of your house!” », supports a participant.

EXIT TO NATURE. At 9 am, 10 am, 1:30 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm, the Champagne-Ardenne League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) had offered four outings for nature walks with commentaries, around the city. A complicated mission for animators who have sometimes gone blank or aroused little curiosity in the public. This did not affect her motivation, like that of Sylvie Dewasme, an LPO facilitator, who offered a family that had just arrived in Saint-Dizier the opportunity to discover the fauna and flora in an urban environment, starting from Ornel, near Louis-Schatz Walk. “If you want to observe and take photos, we offer you the ‘My neighbors in the garden’ operation, an online participatory inventory” (Instagram and Facebook life). Something to make the trip interactive. In particular, the facilitator informed the participants that 178 species of birds have been identified in Saint-Dizier.

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