Brain Teasers: Game of Dots, the “dots” puzzle game

Do you want a fun and stimulating mobile game? This is what it offers Children’s Recreation SFR with the arrival of the application Riddles: Points Game. An ideal puzzle to occupy children.

There was tetris on the Game Boy, then Snake in Nokias, and later candy crush on all phones. Thinking games have become increasingly mobile at the same time as phones, and perfect for having fun (and thinking) whenever you have a moment to spend, whether in the waiting room or on common public transport (or sometimes in the office, but it’s a well-kept secret). And if they do good to adults, they can’t harm children, to test your logic. This is timely: this is exactly what Riddles: Dot Game.

point by point victory

The objective of the game is very simple, although the first few levels will make it easier to understand the mechanics of Riddles: Dot Game. There are several points, of different sizes and colors. The goal is to blow them up, causing a chain reaction. In fact, the point you select explodes and sends four projectiles around you. If they touch red points, they explode in turn (while launching projectiles), instead if the touched points are purple, they turn red, and if they are blue you will have to touch them once more to turn red. . Inevitably, the more you advance through the levels (there are 400 in total), the greater the difficulty, always with more colors, and you have to think carefully about the strategy to adopt. Because players only have a limited number of moves to complete a level…

In Brain teasers: Game of Dots, you have to think carefully about the dots to explode © Playtouch

Therefore, there is an extremely satisfying side to successfully triggering a chain reaction and successfully completing a level in one go. At the end of a level, a score is determined based on the time and number of moves required to complete it. And this score allows you to get one, two or three stars. Therefore, there is a challenge within the challenge: manage to get three stars every time. Like a chef in his restaurant. Or a skier on the slopes.

Easy to use and requires concentration (relaxing music is very helpful), Riddles: Dot Game therefore it has everything, from the ideal mobile game to having a good time. But be careful not to get too caught up in the game and want to do all 400 levels at once! To do this, do not hesitate to configure the profile to your liking. Children’s Recreation SFR of your son

The advantages of SFR Kids Récré

Children’s Recreation SFR, is the perfect application to entertain children and reassure parents. Offering games but also cartoons, it allows you to configure various profiles with well-defined criteria: age group, accessible content, code to lock the mobile and leave the application alone Children’s Recreation SFR usable, game time limited by time slots and by day. And of course, nothing prevents parents from playing with children. Especially when you rack your brains, like getting to the end of Riddles: Dot Game.

Find SFR KIDS RÉCRÉ, the multi-content application for your children from 3 to 10 years old on all your smartphones and tablets! More information at only from a mobile, SFR SIM card or RED.

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