Willow: Joanne Whalley is confident in the return of her character in the series

Present in the credits of the film “Willow” directed by Ron Howard in 1988, Joanne Whalley spoke about the return of her character, Sorsha, in the homonymous series. And what will come in this long-awaited sequel.

From villain to heroine. In the film directed by Ron Howard in 1988, Joanne Whalley brilliantly embodied the character of Sorsha, the daughter of the evil queen Bavmorda, but also one of the most formidable warriors in the kingdom, who ended up joining the side of good after falling under the charm of Madmartigan (played by Val Kilmer).

The actress will return as this unforgettable character in the series “Willow”, which is expected on November 30 on Disney +. And in an interview with the American site EW.com, Joanne Whalley agreed to lift the veil on what awaits fans when they find Sorsha, almost 35 years later. “What I loved about this character is that she was a combination of contradictions. Like all of us. And that she was not afraid, that she was strong and capable, vulnerable and romantic. We are complete human beings. Sorsha, even though she has aged, is still the person she has always been,” explains Joanne Whalley.

A warrior who became a queen

In the series, Sorsha replaced her mother, the evil queen Bavmorda, on the throne of the kingdom. And she herself is a mother to her children born from her union with Madmartigan, the former mercenary who came to the aid of the wizard Nelwyn. She “she Now she has children, and the responsibilities inherited from her mother’s titles. She has a sense of responsibility, duty, and justice, but she’s also a bit of an old-fashioned mom. And she still has the romantic side of her, ”continues the actress, who hints that nothing has lost her skills in combat. No more details. “I’ll spoil the story if I tell you,” she adds.

Joanne Whalley also promises fans that they will find out what happened between Madmartigan and Sorsha during this time. “You can’t do ‘Willow’ without making that story an essential part of the show. It’s going to be treated as it should be. We couldn’t have done this without integrating this part of the story,” she says.

According to the actress, the character of Sorsha will have a lot to do with her children, especially when the latter will discover certain truths that are not easy to hear and that she could not reveal to them before they reach a certain age. “There is something romantic about the vision of the kingdom that she wants to leave to her children. (…) It is complete and that is what I like about it, ”she concludes.

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