Six months of conditional prison are required after the Moustoir tragedy in Lorient

Among them, some employees called it “the wheelbarrow”. A wheelbarrow weighing almost 500 kg, 2.50 m high, the same width, 8 m long folded, 20 m unfolded. FC Lorient, through the company Sportingsols and a contract of 204,000 euros over five years, had three wheelbarrows, three phototherapy devices, which are somewhat reminiscent of science fiction machines, a kind of football crossbars equipped to the height of regenerative lamps for lawns.

The video of the quarter of an hour that followed the end of the Lorient-Rennes meeting, on December 20, 2020, broadcast at the beginning of the hearing, is chilling. However, the widow of Yohann Essirard, white sweater, black skirt, stayed, showing that she was faced with getting closer to the truth. It’s 7:01 pm One man ahead, one man behind, ramp approaching twenty feet from south turn. All four wheels are suddenly placed on the same axle, causing the “wheelbarrow” to overturn.

“A man should not have lost his life to willingly help. He should have gone home to say good night to his children.

Yohann Essirard’s widow

The man behind, Yohann Essirard, was crushed and his rib cage collapsed. The man in front, “N.” runs, holds his head, ” like crazy “ your lawyer will say. “N” is Yohann’s half brother. She invited “to make him happy. » To lend a hand too? The main question is there. Most of the time, “N.” she will remain with her hands crossed and her head bowed for almost seven hours. He was officially employed by Sportingsols.

Sportingsols asked for total release

Dignified, extremely dignified, swallowing back tears, Cindy Essirard tells her man, his fault, his misunderstanding too. “A man should not have lost his life to willingly help. He should have gone home to say good night to his children. » The rest belonged to the law, which is not always in tune with feelings. “The defense mode chosen by Sportingsols (Editor’s note: Prosecuted in particular for “manslaughter” and “undercover work”) add to angerlaunches his defender, Maître Goulven Pennec. We cannot say that we are not responsible for anything when we are a leader. »

The two leaders, Loïc Jobard and Robert Paul, based in Saint-Fulgent, argue that they did not know that “guests” It helped that the employees had also modified the machines, cutting safety stops to make the job easier. Sportingsols requested full release. The prosecutor, who had chosen not to attach FC Lorient to the file, which had provided the credentials of the real fake gardeners, asked that the two leaders be sentenced to six months in prison, suspended, and the company fined 155,000 euros . . .

Sentencing was reserved for November 21.


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