Environment | On October 3 we will vote for our children

Our children are in danger, we demand political courage and we will vote to protect them!

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Nathalie Ainsley

Nathalie Ainsley
Mother leading Laurie and Annie, and over 120 other signatories*

Throughout Quebec, the Mothers in Front are mobilizing to remind all parties that environmental issues must not only be at the center of this election campaign, but also at the center of the decisions of elected officials and the public apparatus. We call on the next government to examine all its decisions for their effects on the environment and intergenerational equity. It is imperative to prevent the climate crisis from worsening, as well as the damage to our health and biodiversity.

Although last week the review Sciences confirmed that global warming has already brought the world closer to dangerous tipping points leading to irreversible climate change, we mothers no longer know how to protect our children.

How is it possible that in 2022 the parties can campaign as if the climate and biodiversity crisis did not exist? How can we advocate for economic growth regardless of planetary boundaries? Without having the courage to propose sufficient greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and a plan to achieve them? Scientists have been warning us for years. Billions of people around the world are already affected and we know that Quebec will not be spared.

Collectively, we have the power and the duty to act on the fate of future generations and on the outcome of elections. The solutions exist and scientists keep telling us that every ton of COtwo avoided, every fraction of a degree counts and that the next four years will be crucial for the climate.

The Mothers in Front ask all parties to commit to three concrete solutions so that the population of Quebec can feel the positive impacts of the ecological transition:

  • massively invest in public and active transportation to make it more efficient, faster and more affordable, making them essential options that will reduce traffic and make our living environments healthier and safer;
  • make the protection of Quebec’s biodiversity a priority and protect our children’s natural capital, by creating protected areas for caribou and all species, to make nature accessible to a greater number of people and to protect Life on earth;
  • Put in place adaptation measures, protecting natural environments, trees and green spaces, and modernizing our buildings and infrastructure to make them more resistant to climate extremes, prioritizing vulnerable populations, in order to be better prepared to do in the face of the coming crisis. it’s already intensifying.

Prioritizing the environment is also an economic option. Experts warn us that action will cost less than inaction. When natural disasters surge, crop failures, food shortages and broken supply chains put pressure on the cost of groceries, the health care system is stretched, not to mention rebuilding costs and rising insurance. There is no economy without healthy ecosystems.

We have everything we need in Quebec to build an inclusive, unifying and forward-looking social project for our children, to move towards a circular and collaborative economy, to meet our needs while respecting the limits of ecosystems. Let us dream of a Quebec with less pollution, more green and quiet spaces, more neighborhood stores and safe places to move on foot and by bicycle, with more mutual aid, humanity and hope. .

On October 3 we will vote for our children. We gave life and we will do everything to protect it. Our children do not vote, but we will vote to ensure a future for them, we will vote for political courage in environmental matters. Not everything is played. Let’s act, it’s our duty.

* Cosignatories, mothers and grandmothers on the Quebec front: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, mother on the Manoé, Ulysse and Mishka front; Elsa Moreau, mother of Ophélie and Héloïse; Louise Deschênes, mother at the head of Mathilde and Fleur; Mireille Elchacar, mother of Albert and Alexandra; France Duquette, front mother of Arthur, Eli, Marine and Thierry; Laure Waridel, mother in charge of Alphée, Colin, Félix, Gabriel, Justine, Theodora (29 years old in 2050) and all the children of the world; Sophie Devost, mother in charge of all the children of Frelighsburg; Diane Choquet, grandmother on the Laurentino de Éva front and mother of Maude and Laurie; Caroline Dufresne, mother to the front of Jérôme and Corinne; Annie Provencher, mother at the head of Émilien, Clément and Adèle.

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