€100 bonus on September 15, 2022, instructions for use

As of September 15, 2022, nearly 11 million households will receive the exceptional back-to-school bonus of 100 euros, plus 50 per child. AAH recipients are concerned. How to use this delivery!

The reform of the finance law (LFR) for 2022 makes it possible to finance measures for the purchasing power of the French and provides, in particular, for an exceptional solidarity aid (AES) known as the “back to school bonus” intended for households of low income . It is part of the measures taken by the government to counter runaway inflation. Which relieves “very slightly” your portfolio. It will be paid from September 15, 2022. Some 11 million households are affected by a global allocation of one billion euros.

If the official site of the French administration, service-public.fr, details the methods of attribution, beware of interpretations because on the Internet you will find everything and just the opposite: individualized help, by household… Handicap.fr For this reason, he questioned the Cnaf (National Fund for Family Allowances) to clarify things. ” The decree has not yet been published, so contradictory information may appear while waiting for the official text that should clarify everything in the coming days”, Specifies the background.

Only one help per “household”

Because, beware, it is indeed a help from ” House tax, that is to say that although both members of the couple are eligible, they will only receive it once. For example, for a couple, one of whom is a beneficiary of the AAH, with two children, this premium amounts to 200 euros (100 + 50 +50). But if you are both AAH recipients (or another benefit), it will be the same price! ” Only one aid is due per household, including couples where both members each benefit from AAH.”validate the Cnaf.

Who can benefit?

This exceptional (and therefore unique) aid for the year 2022 will be paid by Caf to the beneficiaries of one of these benefits in June 2022, reports the caf.fr site:
• Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH)
• Active Solidarity Income (RSA)
• Housing Assistance (APL)
• Foreign Solidarity Income (RSO) in overseas departments

But also to people who do not receive any of these benefits but are beneficiaries of the following benefits:
• Specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
• Subsidy equivalent to retirement (AER)
• Flat premium
• Economic Aid for Social and Professional Insertion (AFIS)
• Assistance to family and social life (AVFS)
• Solidarity allowance for older adults (Aspa)

“Scholarship students are also eligible”, the government says.

What happens if I am only a beneficiary since July 2022?

The Cnaf clearly mentions on its site that this help is only paid to people with open rights in June 2022. For example, a beneficiary who receives the AAH for the first time in July 2022 is not affected. On the contrary, a beneficiary who had lost his rights in July or August will be able to receive it, confirms the Cnaf.

How to get this help?

If you meet the requirements, the payment will be made automatically by the organization that your social minimums depend on, without any action on your part. For example, if you receive the RSA, AAH or APL, the payment will be made by your family allowance fund or by the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) for people dependent on the agricultural regime. If you are looking for a job, Pôle Emploi will take care of it. For ASPA beneficiaries, the payment will be made by the pension fund. Finally, it will be paid to scholarship holders by CROUS, unless they are also beneficiaries of housing aid (by CAF).

Attention, ” payments reach accounts from September 15. Depending on the terms of the banking establishments, the sums may only be available in D+1 or +2”warns the Cnaf.

And for activity voucher holders?

Secondly, “ for households that do not benefit from social minimums and receive the activity bonus (…) an exceptional and additional payment is planned “, the ministry said. According to service-public.fr, the amount of this aid will be 28 euros plus 14 euros per dependent child. This payment will be made in mid-November, completing the 4% increase in the activity bonus on July 1, 2022. But what if one of the two members of the couple has already received the 100-euro bonus within the of a social plan? benefit? Handicap.fr asked the question, the answer to come…

Not to be confused with Back to School Allowance.

This exceptional aid should not be confused with the Back to School Aid (ARS), granted based on financial means to families with at least one school child between the ages of 6 and 18, and intended to offset the cost of going back to school. -school fees, which were paid in mid-August 2022 (article linked below). It is very possible to receive the exceptional back-to-school bonus even if you have already received the ARS.

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