An ax shooting center will open in the center

EXERCISE. Drummondville residents will have a different way of having fun this coming November. Tomahawk, an ax shooting facility, will open its doors downtown.

Tomahawk Drummondville is a project started by Yannick Benoît, a local entrepreneur well known for his business in the entertainment field, and his partner Laurie Hamann, owner and founder of Tomahawk Québec, which has been in business for three years.

This activity is aimed at different customers. The main idea is to have fun taking on the challenge of aiming well. In effect, the throw of the ax consists of throwing the tool towards a target with a specific objective to reach. Just like throwing a knife or shooting an arrow, you need to stand a certain distance from the board and aim for the center.

“Our goal is to recreate an entertainment environment, while offering customer service that reflects what moves us: the quality of the experience of the participants and their satisfaction. Ax throwing is easy to learn and practice for both men and women. This practice is relatively recent in Quebec and there is enthusiasm everywhere. With the Tomahawk Drummondville branch, we will be able to serve a good territory. Leagues will be organized and eventually an international competition is planned. In addition, a space will be set up with a service desk to relax and socialize, which will include two testosterone arcade machines, namely the boxing ball and the hammer”, explain the co-owners, specifying that it is not necessary to have a specific physical ability. to play

199 Heriot Street. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

The shooting center will be installed in premises located at 199 rue Heriot, a strategic location for the development of the company.

“People will definitely challenge themselves with this new service offering that combines fun and sport! The business dynamism that characterizes Drummondville well contributes to the development of the commercial sectors, including the city center. Tomahawk Drummondville brings something new to the region and is a great addition to the downtown area, which is both a commercial and tourist destination, with cultural and leisure activities. The co-owners have benefited from the services of SDED to carry out their business creation project and their experience in the field of entertainment is a definite asset”, says Stéphanie Lacoste, Mayor of Drummondville and President of the Economic Development Corporation of Drummondville. Drummondville. . (CGM)

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