Toul. Isaac Ari, fashion designer trained at the Lycée des Métiers

Change of address. A business graduate, Kevin Leroux chose to become a designer. A decision that few people would attempt. Since 2011, the year in which he finished his studies at the Camille-Claudel vocational secondary school (which became the Toulois vocational secondary school), he created his own brand, Issac Ari, and settled in Metz.

At 33, he has no regrets. “At that time, there weren’t many training courses in pure sewing.” Area that he was looking for, he who already had a family experience of sewing at home with “my mother who I saw sewing or knitting and who dressed us when we were children”.

Isaac Ari was looking for a training that would lead him to “pure craftsmanship”. His business degrees allowed him to validate BEP and BAC in 2 years. He knew that he was taking a risk by moving into a profession that did not take center stage. However, “in recent years there has been a movement to the contrary, we need designers. However, there are few people available and trained.”

Giving new life to reclaimed clothing

Kevin Leroux is known as Isaac Ari. A name that he appreciates and chosen for “the influence of design and the Asian spirit that is present in what I do”. Ari means ant in Japanese, a symbol of someone who works hard and considers himself a designer because he “wanted to offer prêt-à-porter and tailored clothes.”

It is distinguished precisely by tailoring and has developed a little more, in recent years, men’s clothing: “At Grand-Est, there are many proposals for women. Men’s fashion is a bit neglected on an artisanal and creative scale.”

Isaac Ari has undertaken a fundamental work process, according to him, by offering “ethical clothing”. For this, he is mainly interested in materials “with fabrics that are not used by big houses”. He also practices upcycling, which consists of giving new life to the clothes he collects.

In hindsight, he would no longer just start as a self-employed entrepreneur, he would join a business incubator to validate his project. He knows that nothing is certain, so he refuses to rest on his laurels. The health crisis has shown that “we are not part of the essential things of everyday life”.

The designer also teaches undergraduate classes in fashion design. The moment of the election is usually complicated for the youngest, he advises them to move towards “a job in which they do well and with a minimum of meaning”. “You have to explore, there is never waste, wasted time, just learning in different areas.”

According to him, “you have to make mistakes to build yourself”. He suggests discovering trades to decide, if possible before high school, and listening to his wishes.

To see Isaac Ari’s work and follow his news, the creator posts regularly on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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