Amazon pleases the French for the start of the school year by emptying its stock of video games!

news good plan Amazon pleases the French for the start of the school year by emptying its stock of video games!

The largest online sales site currently offers a great series of promotions on many titles present on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and many other platforms!

Amazon cuts the price of many video games!

If there is a site that is known worldwide for online sales, that is Amazon. The latter regularly offers flash sales, promotional periods, and deep discounts on many products.

And currently, Amazon wants to mark the occasion in France. In fact, for the beginning of the school year, the site offers many promotions. But this isn’t just about school supplies. In fact, we found on Amazon a good discount on a whole series of video games.

And there we are talking about successes, games that have marked and that have earned the praise of the specialized press (including JV)!

Take advantage of video game promotions on Amazon

PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, the biggest hits are here!

There are many games in this selection that have shone before. If you want to fill your library with new titles, now is the time to get started!

We have made a small selection of the featured titles offered in this promotional series:

  • Ori and the Blind Forest, 20/19 : Hats off, Moon Studio. Ori and the Blind Forest is a wonder, a reference title in the genre and one that all gamers should play…and non-gamers, for that matter. Melancholic, bitter and full of sweet despair, the game seduces not only for its perfectly mastered gameplay, but also for its artistic dimension, its moving and mysterious universe. However, this children’s tale turns out to be a complex and demanding title, which should satisfy many hard-core gamers and other speed racing enthusiasts, thus reaching a very wide target… Especially since, by chance, the game doesn’t it is exclusive. to Microsoft’s console and is therefore available to anyone, as long as they have a PC or an Xbox 360 (when it becomes available on Microsoft’s second console, sometime in 2015). A creation full of intelligence, ingenious and simply beautiful, which will leave us sad once the adventure is over. After such a trip, your usual games will seem very bland.
  • Elysee Disc, 19/20 : There would still be a lot to say about Disco Elysium. In many ways, it’s a brilliant game. With simply awe-inspiring writing, high-flying art direction, and a terrifyingly atypical beginning, inherited from the very foundations of role-playing games, the ZA/UM title is an incredible experience that will nonetheless leave you on the fired tile. to verbose games where fights are resolved by rolling the dice. More autres, biberonnés aux Planescape Torment et autres Fallout vieille école trouveront là un RPG moderne, in aucun cas anachronique, intelligent, d’une density assez inédite, où prendre de mauvaises décisions ou tout simply échouer reste également une valable de mener l ‘poll. Disco Elysium is without a doubt essential in the niche in which it is developed and provides an exhilarating sense of embodiment. We could well be witnessing the birth of a future very large studio.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, 18/20 : The bet seemed risky, but it is successful. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers an amazing mix of all the formulas in the series, managing to juggle between phases of wild raids on the one hand and infiltration into the heart of the crowd on the other, without one of its subsystems really seeming to suffer. this multifaceted approach. A great feat that comes with an adventure rich in exciting side stories, also supported by particularly well-integrated and immersive exploration and progression systems. On the other hand, despite high-quality modeling and the presence of the 4K/60 fps combo in the new generation that makes it the best version of the game, the title still lacks finishing and accumulates small errors (pathfinding, script, collisions). They are certainly never really problematic, they can still temporarily knock you out of the experience due to their recurrence and hopefully they will go away or at least be reduced with upcoming updates. In short, if it sufficiently refreshes the saga experience thanks to a rich and functional overall design and an approach that should delight first-time fans, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also retains some stigmas from its predecessors that prevent it from aiming quite a bit. higher. .
  • Far Cry 6, 16/20 : We can easily admit that Far Cry 6 is a successful adventure, warm and in line with the previous episodes: if the scenario proves to be effective and tells us a pleasant revolution to go through, the latter is not the one that will best represent it. this new episode with exotic settings, maintaining the traditional structure of the series. Its few really new features don’t drastically change the experience either; but the final result is no less pleasant, although hardly surprising: we find ourselves, then, with a very effective production, reviving the exotic atmosphere typical of the saga and supported by a commendable narrative effort. Solid Far Cry, no doubt.
  • Republic Riders, 20/15 : If Riders Republic can disappoint fans of Steep (the title takes the spirit of the 2016 game in reverse), this new production is still a must for all thrill seekers. With its multiple playable sports disciplines, starting with cycling that offers exciting sensations, its exotic world and its multiple modes available both solo and online, the latest production from Ubisoft Annecy will undoubtedly keep you busy over time.

Take advantage of video game promotions on Amazon

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