The Acadia Peninsula seen through the eyes of a young Algerian

A young Algerian living in Shippagan is cycling around the Acadia Peninsula this summer to introduce people to the region and the benefits of ecotourism on social media.

Sarah Sjorha Ait kheddache is a young woman from Algeria.

He has a bachelor’s degree in ecology from the University of Béjaïa and is currently studying for his second at the University of Moncton, Shippagan campus, in the same field.

She had a bumpy arrival in Canada, being landed in the middle of a pandemic. The lifestyle that she had in Algeria has also been disrupted by COVID-19, as the young woman is a very athletic person and she enjoys traveling. A situation that she knew how to overcome.

She is also a creator on social media, most notably having a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page under her pseudonym Sarah Explore.

This summer he decided to bike the Acadia Peninsula and share his experience with his subscribers online.

Several aspects influenced him in this decision. First, he wanted to promote a greener tourist experience. As a student in the field, he understands the extent to which this industry can cause damage to the environment.

“I always made sure I never bought plastic bags and plastic water bottles,” he said. I have always tried to minimize my carbon footprint.

It’s part of their way of life to make greener choices. In particular, he prefers cycling and walking to the car as his main means of transportation.

For her, it is even the best way to discover the region in depth.

“When I went to Caraquet it was for a short time and by car. That’s why I opted for the bicycle, I was able to discover the city and it was my first crush.

Sarah also wanted to contribute to the local economy, in particular by shopping at SMEs in the region and avoiding large multinational chains as much as possible.

He also wanted to prove that he was capable of doing a big project like this on his own.

“I know that there are many people who think that traveling alone is difficult. I wanted to show them that you can travel alone and have a safe trip.”

In the end, doing this experience alone was very beneficial for her.

“I understood how far my limits went. I discovered myself and even realized the flaws that I can work on in the future.”

But the main reason for your trip is to get to know the main tourist attractions of the Peninsula.

If your favorites include the town of Caraquet, the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Center in Shippagan, and Tabusintac, consider the entire Acadia Peninsula a true favorite.

For her, social networks not only allow her to reach people not only from the Acadia Peninsula, but also from outside.

“It allows people to dream within their own region.”

But if you want to share your adventure with as many people as possible, your main goal is above all to inspire others to carry out projects like yours.

“The important thing is to do things, make them possible with the means we have to live them.”

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