Environment. After private jets, it’s time to track yachts

Accumulating superlatives, the superyachts of billionaires are the symbol of their wealth, but also places of retirement and tranquility… Except that the digital tools in open source (accessible to all) make monitoring possible.

They also serve to calculate their carbon footprint, as gigantic as these sea monsters. A technique inspired by the Twitter accounts that track the private planes of billionaires, such as i fly bernard (Bernard Arnault) or ElonJet (Elon Musk).

Make CO emissions known to as many people as possibletwo of these boats, a new collective launched on Twitter this summer, called “ Megayacht COtwo tracing “. For now, the account tracks four yachts belonging to French billionaires, Bernard Arnault (head of LVMH), Vincent Bolloré, Martin Bouygues and Thomas Leclercq (son of Decathlon founder).

“We use AIS, a mandatory system on large vessels, to track their locations, destinations, speeds”, explains Camille (fictitious name), one of the co-founders of the collective that brings together less than ten people. This tracking is, for example, available for free on sites like Marine Traffic.

“Then we use the engine data to calculate diesel consumption. » For example, depending on the account, theidola luxurious 59 m boat belonging to Thomas Leclercq, would have consumed 1,439 liters of diesel for a trip to the south of Corsica, for one day. “Then we convert that to COtwo. A liter of burned diesel emits about 2.6 kg. »

The worst in this area is the Symphony, a 101 m long “nutshell” owned by Bernard Arnault. According to the collective, it would have emitted, in one week, at the beginning of August, more than 123 tons of COtwoor 1,400 times the average emissions of a Frenchman during the same period.

political message

The account, which is partially automated, broadcasts the broadcasts of these giants almost daily. The objective is “Politics, of course. The government is promoting small gestures to get rid of large-scale green measures. »

Its purpose is also to give an order of magnitude of the emissions. Thus, the account does not hesitate to make fun of the small gestures presented as solutions to climate change.

turn off wifi

A very short trip from the floating palace of Martin Bouygues emits three tons of COtwo. The story humorously points out that, “If Martin plans to pee in the shower to offset this carbon footprint, it will take him 3,148 years, 6 months, and 24 days. »Ditto for wifi off: “If the CEO of Bouygues intends to cut his Wi-Fi to offset this carbon footprint, it will take him 82,649,754 years. »​

“We are not saying that daily efforts are useless. But let the emissions of these billionaires ruin them.” the activist continues.

According to a study by Oxfam and Greenpeace published in February 2022, the average carbon footprint of a French person belonging to the richest 1% is thirteen times greater than that of an individual from the poorest 50%.

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