Sony worries about the rise of Microsoft

In the Diario program on August 2 we start with the incredible Multiversus box, then we move on to Playstation, which is afraid of its competitor Xbox, and finally we are interested in the favorite games of the Russo brothers. The Journal, come on!

Sony worries about competition from Microsoft

Earlier in the year, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard caused a stir. This news obviously worries its competitors, such as Sony. At the moment Microsoft and Activision Blizzard will have to wait for the return of the different commissions to validate the transaction. The Brazilian commission went to question the giants of the sector to prepare a report on the consequences of this acquisition. One of these interviewed competitors has good reason to disapprove of this acquisition, since Call of Duty occupies a very important part of Sony’s catalog, and the future exclusivity of the license in Microsoft would be detrimental.

The real box of Multiversus

Multiversus has only been in open beta for a week and has already conquered millions of players around the world! 144,456 players connected simultaneously in the opening, a record for fighting games. Needless to say, Smash Bros. from Warner Bros. studios is a hit. Its cartoonish aesthetic, its free-to-play economic model and its iconic characters for children and adults form a great recipe to ensure its success. Therefore, the game has the potential to establish itself among the major video game licenses. The release of the game is only days away, only a week away. And good news for those participating in the beta, progress will carry over after the official release of Multiversus.

The Russo Brothers’ Favorite Games

The Russo brothers are back in the spotlight after the release of their movie The Gray Man on Netflix. The duo to which we owe Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame spoke about video games during a recent interview, revealing two Playstation exclusives that they particularly like. For Joe Russo, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted is “one of the best action games of all timeThe other license also comes from the Californian studio and is none other than The Last of Us, more specifically the second part. About this saga, The Last of Us will soon be available in series, with a premiere scheduled for 2023 on HBO.

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