Twitch introduces a great new feature for ZEvent

. Last update: July 23, 2022

To support all future charity events like ZEvent on the streaming platform, Twitch has just implemented a new feature that allows direct integration of funds from select associations.

Through a press release published on July 19, Twitch has just announced the implementation of Twitch Charity, which is a new set of donation tools integrated into the platform itself that aims to help all charity events.

The beta is already available to a randomly selected subset of streamers and a limited set of pre-selected charities, but Twitch promises to add “many more” soon.

Twitch Charity is our new integrated stream fundraising feature that allows you to set up and manage a charity stream in just a few clicks.” Twitch reveals in its press release.

This new feature aims to make all the hassles of running a charity stream as easy as possible, like tracking donations, converting subscriptions and Bits, and managing multiple shows and apps at once.

Previously, streamers managed donations to the cause of their choice by transferring Twitch subscriptions and Bits, the platform’s virtual currency, into donations through a multi-step manual process.


Twitch Charity is currently in beta.

In the absence of a dedicated donation feature, Twitch directed creators to third-party donation platforms like Tiltify or encouraged them to send viewers directly to a cause’s donation page.

For streamers, it makes fundraising for important causes easier and more transparent..” explains Twitch. “For viewers, this should make supporting these causes simpler, clearer, and more impactful.

Streamers can now find the new fundraising options in a new “charity” section of the creator panel. With this panel, streamers can now select a charity, choose a target amount, and enable “charity mode” which displays a button inviting viewers to donate.

When charity mode is enabled, Twitch does not hold any of the donated money and the entire amount is donated to the chosen cause, with only payment processing fees deducted.

This system should totally revolutionize the way the lives of charities will be organized and therefore should be of great help to this year’s ZEvent.

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