Has Covid-19 lifted the veil on student mental health?

With ghost students and psychological checks, covid may have helped understand the mental health risks of young people.

The Covid has certainly worsening mental health problems in young people… But it also made it possible to become aware of it. And therefore, to take better care of them. MCETV explains everything about this evolution towards better protection of young people.

A long journey through the desert

Because the young have suffered. Confinements, distance courses, less social contact… A wave of ghost students has swept like this. Between the lack of stimulus and the lack of money, the pandemic will have seemed long to all age groups.

Among the high school graduates who could not pass the face-to-face high school, those from higher education who could not see people and had to remain cloistered, The mental health of young people has been affected. And even if the covid is still there, we draw the consequences.

It must also be said that the associations are sounding the alarm. So we can think of doctors, and his open letter to ministers. According to the study cited in this letter, 75% of medical students suffer from pathological anxiety“.

Fatigue, anxiety: the ailments of young people are on the rise. Unless they come to light? According to the analysis carried out psychology today, covid has allowed emotions to be externalized. And so talk about real concerns, without having to hide.

As Selena Gomez is trying to do with her community, mental health needs to be talked about. Forks much worse keeping your problems to yourself to open up to others. Therefore, the vision of young people has changed through the pandemic: they can open up a little more.

After covid, is it better?

Psychology Today believes that the perspective on mental health has changed. More and more people find ” normal that people who are going through significant changes and stressors need help“.

Psychological vouchers, the MonPsy device: Young people seem to be increasingly better served since covid. This great moment of difficulty, of loneliness thus allowed better awareness of hazards run by young people.

It should also be remembered that when they came out, psychiatrist checks were quickly taken by storm. what it shows a real need for young people to feel better. But also not to be left alone: ​​even in front of society, it becomes normal to move forward to improve.

The covid will have had serious consequences for mental health Young. 68% would thus be in a situation of discomfort. But after a pandemic that has shuffled the cardsit seems that this malaise is increasingly understood.

Whether it is better heard remains to be seen. And above all better treated. But with 3000 queries per week A few days after the launch of psy vouchers, you might think that young people have taken their destiny into their own hands.

And above all that they they no longer give in to stress and depression. They try to move on and society understands better and better what they are going through. Perhaps one of the only improvements due to covid!

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