ZEvent 2022: the 5 selected associations revealed

After weeks of discord, ZEvent fans were treated to a historic change. For the first time in the history of the event, not only will several associations be awarded, but they have also been selected by the public.

The least we can say is that even before it started, the 2022 edition of ZEvent has already made an impression. Internet users experienced a real roller coaster when the announcements were chained, going from very good news to much more surprising news.

While the enthusiasm of netizens was at its peak when they learned that ZEvent 2022 will take place earlier than expected, it very quickly receded in the face of conspicuous absences and the choice of the association, which is far from being successful. unanimity.

Faced with the outcry caused by GoodPlanet’s election, ZeratoR decided to change his tune. In fact, you’ve upended the traditional workings of your charity event, and not just a little bit! GoodPlanet was eliminated from the equation in favor of not one, but five associations, chosen by the public from a list of some thirty associations.

ZEvent 2022 Associations, Internet users have made their choice

If ZeratoR’s initiative was well received by the vast majority of Internet users, as expected, many complaints quickly arose about the various associations on the list. There was a lot of debate on Twitter, with everyone having their own views on which associations deserve such a boost.

As bets were multiplied as to retained associations, the verdict finally fell on Wednesday, July 13.

The associations that will share equally the donations of the ZEvent 2022 are: Sea Sheperd France, which obtained 15.32% of the votes, the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) which collected 12.84% of the votes , WWF France with 9.41% of the votes. the votes, Time for the planet with 7.82% of the votes and finally The SeaCleaners, with 7.48% of the votes.

It remains to be seen if the fact that Internet users participate will influence this year’s donations, as well as the absence of some headliners. We will have to wait until September 11, when the event will close, to get the answer.

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