Come celebrate July 14 in Valencia with La Base Cultura

July 14 is coming up with its parade of fireworks, firecrackers and other entertainment. To celebrate the National Holiday outside of France with dignity, La Base Culture has prepared an evening that promises to be colourful. On the program: no parade but DJs and dancing until the end of the night!

The Base Culture makes its revolution in the Jagger Club

The French-speaking association has put all the means for July 14: an event that mixes electronic and dance music in one of the trendiest nightclubs in Valence. This Thursday, July 14, from 10:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., La Base Cultura awaits you at the Jagger Club for a DJ set and an extraordinary dance show.

Le tempo sera donné par le groupe Silverlining composed by Jasmine Li (Shanghai) et Ebar (New York), que mixeront toute la soirée et nous feront découvrir le pipa, cet instrument traditional chinois qui a fait le bonheur des Valenciens lors de la dernière Fête of the music.

Jasmine Li during the Music Festival at the CCCC / Olivier Bénier

Marseillaise, pipe, dance and DJ set

Exclusively for La Base Cultura, this Thursday, July 14, Jasmine Li will play on her pipe some notes of an air well known by the French: the Marseillaise. What is undoubtedly a novelty in the history of this instrument is also an opportunity to invite dancing to the party.

This is how the dancer Mikael Fau will do it, taking us on an oneiric journey where he will explore different characters through body movements, sets and costumes: “We invite the public to a waking dream in which they can witness a series of cultural metamorphoses”, he explains. A performance designed and directed by artist Martin Kamen.

mikael fau with pink jacket in valencia
The artist Mikael Fau

A meeting between Asia and France

More than an evening of dance and music, this July 14 aims to be an artistic meeting between Asia and France. On the one hand, the DJ and musician Jasmine Li will make us dance to hypnotizing and melodic house with her partner Ebar, with whom she forms the Silverlining project.

A former first prize winner at the Guangzhou Opera Conservatory, Jasmine Li has established herself as a major figure in the Chinese avant-garde music scene by blending electronic and traditional instruments from China’s imperial courts in her compositions. Today, her art tends towards “organic house” music characterized by a slower tempo and melodies that illuminate her electronic sound.

On the other, the multidisciplinary artist Mikael Fau. This French choreographer, dancer, actor and director supports and advises many artists and companies in the development of his projects (Christian Lacroix, Guerlain, Netflix, etc.). He uses this experience at the highest level by actively participating in the development of La Base Culture. It is from the photographer, curator and activist Martin Kamen who wanted to create a performance that “mixes French history, July 14, with the Asian universe that is born from the music of Jasmine”.

cultural base july 14 black poster

This meeting between Asia and France is a journey that transcends borders, countries, languages ​​and genres. A celebration of that part of universality in us that only art can express in its fragile beauty. The United States, China, the Czech Republic, France… The artists who will participate in tomorrow’s event come from many countries. Everyone shares this “flame” of freedom. The Culture Base invites us, therefore, to an international July 14 that reminds us, in the troubled times we live in, that this festival is also a symbol. A cry of rebellion against all arbitrariness.

When : Thursday, July 14, 2022, from 10:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Where : Jagger Club, Gran Vía Marques del Turia 23, 46006 Valencia

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