“I have already attended a hundred shows”

Every day, millions of French people are passionate about their favorite game show.. Some curious people love to come cheer on their favorite candidate or discover the sets of a real television. Waste of time, say some people who prefer to procrastinate on their couch. But, for other fans, it has become a real hobby.

Like Rose, a dynamic retiree in her sixties, who likes to spend these days in front of televisions. Among her favorite games, 12 chimes at noon, Everyone wants to take his place., don’t forget the lyrics either jester, which she knows like the back of her hand. After Planet, This former caregiver tells us about her first experience with the world of the small screen, more than 20 years ago.

“I discovered TV games thanks to consumer meetings (tasting session and product rating, editor’s note) which I participated in,” explains Rose. Assuming that her contact details had been given to TF1 after one of her meetings, she received a phone call from a member of the channel, at which point she was offered to come and attend a famous First hesitantly, then asking his daughter for advice, he finally allows himself to be seduced and attends the Right price moderated by Philippe Risoli.

“I went there and after I recorded the show, I saw that I liked it, so I kept going until now,” admits the sympathetic retiree. The least we can say is that he has not relaxed. “I do about 5 shows a week. I’ve been to over a hundred TV shows already,” he admits. Enough to allow her to take advantage of his retirement to have fun, while he has fun discovering behind the scenes. “It allows me to leave my house, see people. Regarding the shows, since they are entertainment, it is quite pleasant to watch.”

All of your outings are also an opportunity to meet your favorite entertainers and other people who share the same hobby. “I kept some contacts with the closest people”adds this great sociable, exchanging information about upcoming shoots with her friends.

How can I come to watch TV shows?

If you’ve never had a chance to watch a TV show or game show, there are a few ways to do it. For example, when registering by phone or online at various public reception sites, c Like Agence Cassandra, Idille or MyClapTV among the most requested. You have at your disposal a variety of entertainment programs, filmed mainly in the Paris region.

“We choose the shooting dates, we create an account, we register and we have a return from the agency, favorable or not depending on the availability of seats”, specifies Rose. In addition to the documents to provide to watch your favorite programs with family or friends, some agencies observe a dress code that must be respected depending on the atmosphere on the set.

Once there, an entire organization is set up. “We bring people into the studio, we put our stuff in the locker room. In the meantime, we get food and drinks, then sit on the set.“, explains the young retiree. Under the gaze of a room manager, viewers are guided through the program to set the scene for several hours. “In principle, a shoot lasts half a day, but we can do the whole day. too.” To reward loyal viewers, the latter receive gift vouchers for 5-10 euros, depending on the program.

His confinement away from television sets

Like millions of French, Rose had to respect the confinement, while public access to televisions was banned to stop the spread of the virus. A moment that marked the young retiree, long before the announcement of confinement.

“When I attended my last show, we were on set and they were already giving us gel. Then they tried to install people with only 50 people, but in the end they stopped everything, ”recalls this faithful Nagui in broadcasts. A break for the less beneficial, she admits. “It was relaxing, because casually we can say it, but it’s still tiring to go to shows.” Despite this lack, she made no secret of her liking for following her favorite shows on television, while she pursued other occupations, such as sewing, cooking, and gardening.

Since the successive lack of confidence, the arrival of summer, and especially the return of the public to television studios, Rose wasted no time planning her next sessions. “I will attend. Everyone wants to take their place for three days at the end of the month, ”she admits while carefully specifying. “If there is no risk, if I see that everything is well respected, I will return as before.” After two years of Covid, Rose is back to her good habits just like her friends from the movie sets.

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