Japan Expo: dates, guests, events… Everything you need to know about the 2022 edition

It’s a return that fans of Japanese manga and culture have been looking forward to. After three years of absence, the Japan Expo event will be organized from July 14 to 17 at the Paris Nord fairgrounds in Villepinte. Here’s everything you need to know about this 2022 edition, titled “Phoenix,” as a symbol of this show’s resurrection.

Will Japan Expo 2022 be as big as before?

If some feared on social networks to find a reduced edition of 2022 due to the three years of absence and the reservations of the Japanese regarding trips abroad, Japan Expo will not be a smaller edition, nor less ambitious. Therefore, more than 140,000 m2 (as in 2019) will be dedicated to the event. Thirteen stages will host 396 performances and the show will bring together a total of 928 stands, 499 of them dedicated to entertainment.

What is the amazing festival?

Japan Expo will host a show dedicated to pop culture for the first time. This one is titled Amazing. “Although Japan Expo focuses on Japanese and Asian culture, the Amazing part will be able to go beyond these borders to talk about other foreign sources,” Thomas Sirdey, co-founder of Japan Expo, essentially summarizes. Amazing is presented as “the festival of all passions”. You can find stands talking about webtoon, role-playing games, retrogaming, esports… It should be noted that access to this festival is included in the price of admission to Japan Expo.

Who are the essential guests?

The complete list of guests who will be present at the show is not yet known, but several dozen names have already been circulated. Mangakas, directors, chara designers, influencers, singers, video game designers… The event will allow you to meet various stars of the industry through conferences and signing sessions. Several names have already been announced and are essential.

Starting with Brigitte Lecordier, the famous French voice of Son Goku in Dragon Ball, and more recently Bojji in the Ranking of Kings series, who will be present.

On the Japanese side, video game fans will be able to meet Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2 -the Japanese studio to which we owe the recent game Demon Slayer- and who will highlight the creative work on the superb Fuga Melodies of Steel. You should also know that the studio could recruit talent at Japan Expo. For a masterclass and signings, the illustrator Yûsuke Kozaki, an artist well known for his work on Pokémon, Fire Emblem or No More Heroes, is expected. Animator Yukio Takatsu, who worked on the opening of the Naruto Shippuden series, is expected. In addition, several music stars will attend concerts, such as Mika Kobayashi or the guest of honor Blank Paper, an electro duo that hides their identity, like Daft Punk.

The creative team of the animated film “Kamiari’s Child of the Month” (released last February on Netflix) will reveal the production secrets. The incredible success of the YouTube series “Visitor from the Future” made it possible to launch a film project. The team will be present to reveal new images and their production.

Finally, the stars of social networks and YouTube will obviously be present, such as Louis-san, Alex Levand, Sam and the Dramas, Gastronogeek or Chef Otaku.

What entertainment will be planned?

Demonstrations of martial arts, drawing classes, cooking workshops, sports, concerts… The event promises to offer dozens of activities for visitors. Seven exhibitions will be offered, including one on Dynamic Heroes and Go Nagai’s giant robots (Mazinger, Grendizer…) and another on the Kaiju, the famous giant monsters that are Godzilla and their heirs with original illustrations by Yuji Kaida, which will be present on the spot. More than 162 guests will deliver autographs, 120 sports initiations are planned, including a new one on Sumo. And always the Cosplay contests with the best cosplayers in Europe.

Above all, Toei Animation will be on hand to promote the One Piece Red movie, with a preview screening ahead of its theatrical release on August 10.

a 100% digital locker

The last edition of the fair had received more than 252,000 visitors in Villepinte, but this was based on another physical ticket sales system that allowed online or face-to-face purchases. By 2022, Japan Expo will be 100% digital. “It will no longer be possible to buy paper tickets on the site to enter. You will have to use the Japan Expo website or application for iOS and Android mobiles”, insists Thomas Sirdey, co-founder of Japan Expo.

Japan Expo 2022, from July 14 to 17, at the Parc Expo Paris Nord – Villepinte.

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