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SimforHealth, Publicis and Giropharm join forces to bring new services to the world of health.

SimforHealth wants to grow with the SFP Expansion group

Created in 2016, SimforHealth is a publisher specialized in digital simulation for the training of health professionals. Last January, it announced the creation of the first digital simulation platform dedicated to rare diseases with the support of Ipsen, Novartis, Pfizer and Takeda. A new stage in its development has now led it to join the SFP Expansion group, a French leader in the training of healthcare professionals, to set its sights on the international market. “We have already trained 150,000 health professionals around the world by virtually recreating clinical situations in hospitals or in general practices with the development of HAD”, presents Jérôme Leleu, founder and CEO of SimforHealth and Interaction Healthcare, specialized in digital health solutions . Digital simulation allows, according to him, a better interactivity in learning. The ambition today is “to build a French leader in training at an international level”, adds the CEO and shareholder of the company, which benefits from the synergies of an expanded offer, from e-learning to face-to-face training. to digital simulation, to carry out new projects in Europe and the United States.

Publicis Conseil supports French Public Health

Following a tender, Public Health France chose Publicis Conseil to support it in the strategic consultancy, design and implementation of its media and non-media communication program on the prevention of addictive behaviour, excluding tobacco. The main topics will be: alcohol, illicit drugs and gambling, but also the problematic practice of video games, addiction to screens, doping in sport, etc.

Giropharm creates the GiroAcademy

The GiroAcademy is “the” passport to success, according to Giropharm. A tailored, practical and interactive system to better understand the position taken through the four pillars of the pharmacist profession: business leader, manager, retailer and health actor. With training sessions in small groups, throughout the year, to give future owners the keys to a successful installation. On Show: Becoming a Business Leader and Manager, The Right Questions to Ask; Buy well to sell better; Know how to finance, control and manage your pharmacy; The pharmacist’s missions in 2022; The challenges of the customer experience through the point of sale.

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