“I am waiting for an opportunity to return to France”

brian picard
Brian Picart wishes to return to France this summer. (Photo Karine Girard)

Passed through Poiré-sur-Vie, US Montagnarde, Vannes or even FC Fleury 91, Brian Picart, a 24-year-old goalkeeper, took over the management of Montreal for a year. But he wants to find a club in France.

Brian, why did you choose to fly to Montreal a year ago?

“After signing with Fleury in July 2020, I wanted a change of scenery and set myself a new challenge. That’s why I joined Quebec, where I had a friend who played semi-professionally. So I landed on the side of the Celtix Haut-Richelieu club. I had two solutions to play: enroll in the university or get the PVT. »

What is PVT?

“It is one of the permits of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program that allows you to combine several advantages such as the possibility of staying two years in the territory and being able to visit it, but also work with any employer in Canada. I usually. . »

So, did you work alongside football?

“The club offered me a full-time contract, the equivalent of a 35-hour-week contract, as a goalkeeping coach alongside football. The initial steps took a bit of time, especially due to Covid, because there was a two-week lockdown when I arrived in July. I missed a third of the season but I was lucky to find a very well structured club where you live well and that helped me find accommodation for my installation. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to work for the Québefoot site, a web platform that deals with soccer news in Canada. »

In Canada, “it’s very structured at all levels! »

How is your daily life?

“I am in charge of all categories, from U12 to semi-pros, every night. In addition, in sports study, I participate with my club in the Premier soccer league of Quebec, also called PLSQ, semi-professional, created in 2012. It corresponds to what we could call the 3the division. Above is the MLS where the Impact, Vancouver or Toronto play, then the CPL, a local professional championship. »

Compared to the United States, is Canada really a soccer country?

“In any case, in terms of a city, Montreal is very much like her, even if the majority of the population speaks French in addition to English. But unlike France and the United States, soccer is not a way of life. It’s not the same culture and I still have trouble adjusting to it. »

Is the level of the clubs comparable to that of France?

“In my club they were very behind in terms of the goalkeeper position and the management gave me carte blanche this season to develop this pole position. Regardless, it’s very structured at all levels, be it personnel, video analysis… I’d say it’s comparable to level N2, otherwise we’re closer to level N3/R1. »

“I am open to recovery everywhere in France”

Exactly, after this experience, your ambition would be to return to France?

“Yes, I am waiting for the opportunity to return because I would like to return to France after this year in Montreal. I really appreciated the reception of the club but it must be said that daily life is not the easiest: the club is located on the other side of the coast, in Montreal, I do not transport myself and I do not have very little time to see the city. »

Would finding a club like the ones you have known be your project?

“Yes, like at Vannes, a club where I felt good and that allowed me to play in the N2. I am looking to stay at this level, see N3 or a very structured project in R1. At 24, I am open to going around everywhere in France. »

What advice would you give to a young footballer who wants to try the experience?

“After this experience abroad, sometimes you realize that the essential is in the simple things. One of the tips I could give, because every experience is good to take away, is to arrive with a little money on hand. Which makes life easier in a city like Montreal, where everything is very big, very scattered… a bit like in the United States! »

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