The Pas-de-Calais (CAUE) architecture, urban planning and environmental consultancy increasingly in demand

The recent general assembly of the CAUE confirmed the fundamental role that this structure plays with local authorities, in a context of greater awareness of environmental problems.

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The bucolic setting of a town listed as a “World Heritage Site”, in this case Bours en Ternois, and its Saint-Gérard room, completely restored respecting its surroundings, served as the ideal setting for the last CAUE general assembly. A first for the new president Véronique Thiébaut, mayor of Biefvillers-lès-Bapaume, who succeeded Emmanuelle Leveugle, who became treasurer. A change of continuity for this structure that has become essential through the services it provides to the communities. ” In the Department we did a survey of the mayors a few years ago, which revealed that 30% of them had already given up on a project because they did not know how to carry it out. “, testified the president of the departmental council, Jean-Claude Leroy. It is at this stage that CAUE intervenes to support elected officials. Valuable help in the rural areas of Pas-de-Calais, where small towns do not always have the skills to carry out their projects.

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One in five municipalities sued

Since the last municipal elections of 2020, and at the end of the Covid crisis, the CAUE has seen requests rain from all sides. The newly elected need help. The need to build and develop with respect for the environment reinforces the trend. The team of ten architects and landscape architects (reinforced by two apprentices) is striving to better meet the demand from local authorities, which resulted in 179 applications last year. Or one Pas-de-Calais municipality out of five! Individuals and building owners also express their needs. The team encourages the exchange of experiences and develops tools to promote suitable solutions, through its resource center.


three assignments

The future of the CAUE depends on the promotion of innovative approaches adapted to climate change; by a generalized knowledge of the good practices to be adopted; and respecting the landscapes and the living environment. A context in which professionals divide their activity into three missions: advise, support, but also raise awareness and train as much as possible. Even in the smallest town, but also on the site of 2 Caps and the huge Seine-Nord canal project.

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