The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco embarks on a polar mission with a committed exhibition

The museum offers an extreme journey oceanographic from Monaco. Title polar missionthe new exhibition propels the visitor from one pole to the other.

An essential exhibition that highlights the fragility of the polar worlds and that naturally finds its place in the Monaco museum. “For millennia, the poles were very distant, protected by distance and cold, and the human species had very little impact on the location of the poles. Today, with the development of technologies but also with global warming, these two poles are much more accessible”emphasizes Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco.

The course invites the public to dive into the heart of the Arctic and Antarctica. On 650 m² of projection surface, the visitor travels through polar landscapes to experience six wildlife scenarios.

First at the North Pole in the company of a bear and her cubs, or under the ice floe to dive alongside seals, whales and narwhals. Then to the South Pole to see the ballet of the whales or the siesta of the elephant seals that sunbathe on the coast. The interactive device allows you to experience the living conditions of the polar fauna on the ice floe as closely as possible, such as emperor penguins huddled against each other while fighting. against the blizzard and protect their young.

Space "Discover the secrets of the North Pole and the South Pole" at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco (France 3 PACA)

Each space provides knowledge, for example, about the world of the Inuit, their way of life and their traditions, thanks in particular to the collection of objects by Jean Malaurie. An emblematic figure of polar exploration, he donated a large part of his archives and personal belongings to the Oceanographic Institute, illustrating 70 years of a life dedicated to the peoples of the Arctic.

Space "venture into the world of the Inuit" at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco (France 3 PACA)

Numerous everyday objects (clothes, dance masks, works of art, objects linked to beliefs, etc.) are exhibited in a setting that reproduces an ice environment, with its traditional igloo.

Another room allows the curious to undertake the scientific explorations of which Prince Albert I of Monaco was a precursor.

The objective of this new exhibition, sponsored by the actress Mélanie Laurent, is also to raise awareness about the essential protection of the poles, so fragile and at the same time so crucial for the future of the entire planet. “The misunderstanding today is to have the impression of projecting the end of the world when it is the end of a world. And the new world must be magnificent, full of hope and in which we put all our energy and creativity”, says Melanie Laurent.

Upon leaving, the visitor will be able to be moved by the wild beauty of these frozen lands and also better understand the threat of climate change.

Exhibition “Polar Mission” at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Price: €18 and €12

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