“Go to hell with your depression”: after his controversial statements, Tibo InShape talks to a psychiatrist

After the controversy linked to his video about depression, Tibo InShape sought the opinion of a psychologist whom he invited in his latest TikTok video, to ask him questions about mental health and sports.

An initiative that may be enough to extinguish the controversy. On Tuesday, June 6, youtuber Tibo InShape posted a video in which he exchanges with psychologist Delphine Py. In the video divided into two, the youtuber (right) asked the practitioner (left) several questions about depression, then about the impact of sports practice on mental health.

After violent comments about depression, the psychologist clarified Tibo InShape, explaining that it is a real illness: “It is not a question of will or motivation, it goes much further. Everything is impacted: professional life, private life,” he said.

According to Tibo InShape, “a lot of people use the word ‘depression’

Therefore, in the first part of the video, Tibo InShape questioned Delphine Py on certain points that were left unanswered in her eyes: “I think a lot of people use the word ‘depression’ as an excuse, because they can’t not.” certain things,” said the Juju Fitcats partner. In response, the psychologist mentioned the self-diagnosis, as well as its good points and its risks.

This interview follows a video posted on Saturday, June 4, in which Tibo InShape had made violent comments about depression, under the guise of motivation to exercise: “Wake up, dammit. Fuck your depression. Fuck your excuses. I don’t give a fuck about your broken little heart. Fuck your mental pressure. Do not give importance to your laziness. Do not give importance to your doubts, ”he exclaimed. “Stop being a piece of shit, stop being a person without any motivation. Stop wasting your life. Get up right now,” he can be heard saying in the voiceover of the video, which he has since deleted from his account.

After numerous negative comments, the youtuber later posted a “small clarification”, in which he apologizes to people who “have misunderstood (his) TikTok”.

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