The Lavelanet health center will allow a doctor to practice in Mirepoix

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The elected officials of Lavelanet adopted an agreement to allow a general practitioner employed by the health center to practice in the Mirepoix intercommunality.

Among other items on the agenda, the city council had to validate this Thursday the signing of an agreement to make available the premises of the community of municipalities of the country of Mirepoix for the benefit of the municipality of Lavelanet, for the installation of an annex to the center of health of Lavelanet. And at the same time, the arrival in Mirepoix of a doctor from the Lavelanet health center two and a half days a week.

Four doctors and two medical secretaries.

As a reminder, in 2019, in the face of the emergency, to prevent medical desertification on the one hand and to attract new doctors to the territory on the other hand, the municipalities of Lavelanet, Laroque-d’Olmes, L’Aiguillon, Fougax-et-Barrineuf and Le Sautel, later Bélesta, Saint-Jean-d’Aigues-Vives and Dreuilhe, decided to join forces with the aim of creating a health center. In practice, it involved the initial hiring of two general practitioners, as well as a medical secretary. The particularity: the doctors are salaried, they are freed from the limitations of management. In 2020, the Ambroise-Croizat health center was opened, located at 63 avenue du Dr-Bernadac. Today it has four doctors and two medical secretaries.

“Today we are taken as an example, we are imitated. »

At the time of the vote, Sylvia Guerrero, elected by the minority, pointed out that “we are not against aid, but we want the four doctors to stay in Lavelanet and not send one to Mirepoix. This observation had the gift of irritating the mayor, Marc Sánchez, a lot. “It is a bit disgusting that they reproach us and tell us what to do when we know that you have always voted against or have abstained from the health center. And today, you teach us a lesson. We do not remove a doctor from Lavelanet to lend him to Mirepoix. And even if it were that, that is the solidarity and understanding between the two communities. The doctor who will practice in Mirepoix is ​​new.

“We are a few municipalities in the territory that have dared to create a health center and fight against the medical desert. Today we are taken as an example, we are imitated, emphasizes Marc Sánchez. We are helping neighboring communities and we will do our best for health, but we also hope that the state will do its job. »

The mayor invited to mark the difference between a health center and a health center. In conclusion, the convention was approved unanimously.

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