Especially for you, here are 5 for a totally successful party!

That’s it, it’s your turn! One more year and you want to score the most original hit in the world? Are you tired of plan-plan parties in a bar or restaurant? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting together with your best friends for a drink, a chat, and sometimes a dance before blowing out the candles. With that said, why not look for a second youth this year and brush up on some childhood games with adult sauce? To make it easier for you, we give you 5 free adult birthday game ideas to try this year. Enjoy!

Looking for adult birthday game ideas? Our top 5!

Perfect ! Your spring cocktail recipes are ready and mastered at your fingertips. We now turn to the organization of the birthday party. Forget raclette night that’s too cheesy! In 2022, the trend is retro-nostalgic evenings where we have plenty of time to go back and rediscover our youth. Take advantage of our 5 birthday game ideas for adults that will allow you to let yourself go for a special evening.

The safe bet: the blind test

organize a test of blin adult birthday game 2022

the blind test It is a must for evening entertainment. Surely you have already participated one day! It is a classic as recognized as timeless. First, to prepare for this timeless game, create a playlist designed especially for your guests. Then ask them to guess the name of the artist, song, movie, or TV show the song is featured in. You are free to set the point system and the duration of the extract of the piece according to the desired difficulty.

Top 5 Adult Birthday Game Ideas 2022

To surprise your guests, we offer you an original version by inverting the questionnaire: blind test upside down. To do this, you can go to a video sharing site. Then search for music by adding the word “reverse” to a song or artist name. Finally, all you have to do is save your chosen music to a playlist. Creating a playlist will make it easier for you to find them at night. This way you will not waste time and you can concentrate on the animation. Who knows, this one could turn into a karaoke and then an impromptu dance party. nice isn’t it?

The special appetizer: in my suitcase

Top 5 Adult Birthday Party Games 2022

To stimulate your neurons and start the aperitif with joy and good humor, we offer you the suitcase game. Here, there is no need for any equipment or prior preparation. It’s quite simple: first, the first player starts by announcing “in my suitcase, I have…” and adds a first object. Then the following players must repeat the previous objects and add their own.

game in my suitcase to do with friends 2022

When a person makes a mistake, they are eliminated. The winner is, of course, the last to play. Beware of alcohol abuse that could make you lose the game… and the pedals!

The classic: who is it?

Who's for Adult Birthday 2022?

the game of whatWho ? lends itself perfectly to every night out with friends or family. In addition, it can be played anywhere: at home, outdoors, on the beach or by the fireplace. First, material matter, nothing very complicated either: a piece of paper, a pencil and adhesive tape to paste your papers on the foreheads of your guests! How about we remind you of the rules? A whatWho You should have a piece of paper taped to your forehead with the name of a famous character or personality. The goal is to find out who is in your role. For this, you can play two or fifteen.

adult birthday game 2022 who is this

Different variants are possible. We, the version that we prefer, is the one in which each one writes the name of a personality and then sticks it discreetly on the forehead of his neighbor (left or right, you decide). Alright, we’ll tell you what’s next! It is a very easy game that can last for quite some time. All players ask a single question that can only be answered yes or no, each in turn. Finally, whoever answers yes has the right to ask another question and so on… That’s it, remember?

The oldest school: the hide and seek

adult birthday hide day 2022

I don’t need to introduce you to this game, right? You can play it at home or in the place you have chosen to hold your event: a large house, a garden, a park, etc. To improve the game of hide and seek, choose a very large place and play with a large number of people.

hide and seek adult birthdays in 2022

Similarly, for those who hate doing things by halves, you can even rent a great domain and play hide-and-seek in a great location! Also, for more intensity and spiciness, why not do it in teams of 2? Guaranteed laughs!

Any ideas for adult birthday games? Board games of course!

birthday party play monopoly

Nothing like a good board game for a friendly evening, with friends or family. The advantage of this type of entertainment is that there is absolutely something for everyone: from Monopoly to Trivial Pursuit to Pictionary, we let you open the drawers or cabinets and make your choice.

board games for adults 2022

Plus, nothing forces you to play the same game all night! Finally, all you have to do is prepare the appetizers and your party will be perfect!

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