In Paris, a health center to never trivialize women’s pain again

We entered here as in a friend’s salon where we would feel at home. No worn magazines, but rather an eclectic and informative library to await your turn. You can choose between “Care for pregnant women in structural osteopathy”, “History of sex” or even the latest special issue of Causette especially for breasts. Some patients like to arrive early, to take time for tea.

Poemana is not a feminist boudoir, much less a wellness space. It is a women’s health center that provides care and support in a multidisciplinary synergy and in a “benevolent” environment. At the head of the cabinet on rue Martel, in Paris (Xe), the physiotherapist Giulia Ragoucy would have liked to find another word besides this last one, “overused” because it is used in all the sauces of “female marketing”. But it is good That benevolence that too many women would have liked to find in a medical profession still too closed to take into account their pain and its consequences.

“Women come here with their experiences, their traumas, their trivialized pain. We listen to you and trade with each other for global support. We are health professionals who share our skills to treat from the adolescent who has just had her first menstruation to the menopausal woman, ”explains the physiotherapist.

“You have to tell women that it is not normal to have pain”

The center opened its doors less than five months ago. Three physiotherapists, an osteopath, a sophrologist and a psychologist, both naturopaths. Only women between 28 and 36 years old, who will be joined in September by three other physiotherapists, a sexologist, an acupuncturist and a nanny. As a team and without intimidating white coats, they welcome women who suffer from endometriosis after years of wandering medically, patients with breast cancer, others who need postpartum support or who are immersed in a pregnancy project.

Paris (Xe), May 20. The center welcomes women suffering from endometriosis, breast cancer, who need postpartum support or who are involved in a pregnancy project. LP/Marion Kremp

Throughout her medical studies, Giulia Ragoucy, who dreamed of being a humanitarian doctor, was struck by the taboos that still surround women’s health: “We studied an undifferentiated trunk between men and women, I want things to change. The pathologies of women are specific to them and concern the urogenital field, the reproductive and hormonal system, sexuality, but also the digestive, nervous and muscular systems. Women need to be told that it is not normal to have pain. »

That is precisely what doctors repeated to Géraldine for 27 years before the diagnosis of severe endometriosis fell after years of medical wandering and a desire to have a child that she had to cry. “Since I was 14 years old, they told me that it was normal to have pain during my period, that I had to accept it, that it was due to stress or even my work environment. Once I found out I had endometriosis I told myself I wasn’t crazy. Even once my pathology was identified, the gynecologists and specialists I visited were not necessarily very attentive. Since I got here I’ve been living again”, says the 46-year-old patient. Several times a week, she also comes to take endometriosis-adapted mobility classes led by her physical therapist.

“Here I find women who have backgrounds similar to mine”

Like Sara, who is 36 years old, recounts the last radiotherapy sessions that followed an operation and chemotherapy to overcome breast cancer. Followed by Camille, one of the other three physiotherapists for her rehabilitation, she regained mobility and energy also thanks to cross fit sessions adapted to breast cancer patients, in particular to reduce the rate of recurrence.

Paris (Xe), May 20.  Here, the physiotherapists also teach healthy sports classes adapted to female pathologies such as breast cancer, pregnancy or endometriosis.
Paris (Xe), May 20. Here, the physiotherapists also teach healthy sports classes adapted to female pathologies such as breast cancer, pregnancy or endometriosis. LP/Marion Kremp

“It is very precious to be able to be treated in a center dedicated to women’s health managed by women. The physiotherapists are trained in female pathologies, they are young, dynamic and innovative and the site is super nice. Here I find women with a similar background to mine with whom I can exchange. Poemana responds to a very strong need for women’s health”, thanks the young woman.

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