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TRIBU2, a U2 tribute that will be at the Tribute Rock Festival in Colmar on June 6th. DR

Colmar: a first outdoor tribute rock festival

The Colmar Zik’Inside association offers its first Tribute Rock Festival from June 3 to 6 on the Grillen esplanade. The opportunity to appreciate such mythical groups as U2, Deep Purple, the Beatles or the Floyd, or in any case their clones.

The “tributes”, or “covers”, are tributes to groups that have marked the history of rock. The Zik’Inside association has made it a specialty, like with Gianna Chilla on Friday May 20 at the Grillen, who revived the voice and energy of Janis Joplin singing untouchable songs like Mercedes Benz that she performed a cappella, hat!

The Floyd with chorus

For its Tribute Rock Festival, Zik’Inside lands on the esplanade of the Grillen in Colmar, from June 3 to 6. We start the adventure with Strange Kind of Woman. Five Italians, outstanding musicians and singers, who cover the great standards of Deep Purple. If the purists will prefer to see the originals at the Wine Fair on July 23, the others will be able to enjoy songs that the older group can no longer sing so loudly.
Still from Italy, the tribute band to The Floydians wants to be as close as possible to Pink Floyd, and ensures that they can satisfy the most demanding fans. On stage, the group will be accompanied by the 9th grade choir from the Victor Hugo school in Colmar in Another Brick in the Wall (Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall).

Aid! comes to us from Croatia and dares to confront the Beatles. During six years they gave more than 500 concerts, that is to say that they are ground. And if they are in such demand it is because they put as much energy into their music as they do into their staging.
U2 are not interested in big festivals, because they alone fill stadiums. With Tribu2 we get as close as possible to the voice and charisma of Bono, the U2 singer played by Michael Mold. Whether in shows or stagecraft, the demand for him is diabolical.

Finally, on June 4 and 5, the Rock Tribute Festival also hosts its first guitar fair with luthiers, picks and other guitar professionals, free admission.


TO GO From June 3 to 6 at the Grillen, rue des Jardins in Colmar. More information at

Aldebert will present Enfantillages 4 in Schiltigheim. L'Alsace Archives/Vanessa MEYER

Aldebert’s infantilism in Schiltigheim

Aldebert returns with the fourth part of his Enfantillages. His children’s songs always balance a lot and don’t hesitate to tackle sensitive issues. Where do we come from, where are we going, where do little brothers and sisters come from, where did this grandfather I never knew go? Philosophical considerations also in the title the great journeye: “Since we are passing through, let’s sing. »

Aldebert is resolutely on the side of the children: “Screens, give us back our parents! he sings again in this last work. If the opposite is often true, we forget that parents have their noses in their smartphones far too often.

Humor, fantasy, wit, rich and mixed music, Aldebert takes children and their dreams seriously. They give it back.

TO GO Tuesday, May 31 at 8:00 p.m. at the Briqueterie, avenue de la 2eme Division-Blindée.

La Filature, national stage of Mulhouse, offers the Nosfell Libre concert-show in the woods on Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 p.m.  Photo Manu Wino

La Filature, national stage of Mulhouse, offers the Nosfell Libre concert-show in the woods on Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 p.m. Photo Manu Wino

Mulhouse: In the Forest of Nofell at La Filature

The multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Nofell presents his concert-show Libre à la forêt on Thursday, June 2 at 7 pm at the Filature de Mulhouse.

La Filature, national stage of Mulhouse, offers the concert-show Libre à la forêt on Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 p.m. Nofell invites the viewer into the imaginary forest of him. His notes and stories, sometimes disturbing, always intriguing and strange, are like a language to discover. With this mesmerizing stage presence, the artist tames music and dance, legends and crazy escapades. He revives reptilian memories and emotions, perhaps to be able to free himself or better get lost, among the trees of his dreams…

Nosfell, multi-instrumentalist composer, opens the access to his bewitching lands, populated by incredible bestiaries. With generosity, he introduces everyone who lives in his heart since his childhood perhaps. The inventor of the Klokobetz language mixes creations and references to his past works. His songs flourish in sweet highs and very dark lows.
Performance, immersive exhibition, mystical conversation, journey to a land of metaphors, the viewer finds himself in the midst of intense emotions and sharp sensations. Nosfell’s universe is dreamlike and baroque, its world unusual and crazy, of extreme sensitivity.

TO GO Thursday June 2 at 7 pm at La Filature, 20 allée Nathan-Katz, in Mulhouse. From 12 years old. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes Prices: €28 per seat (reduced from €6 to €21). Box office: or

Little Red Riding Hood read by Joël Pommerat.  Photo Victor Tonelli

With Little Red Riding Hood in Ostwald

For this first of the stories that he rewrote, before Pinocchio and Cinderella, Joël Pommerat wanted to talk about today’s children. To retell, in the simplest and most concrete way possible, the story of this girl who leaves her mother’s house to go to her grandmother’s house and that she meets a wolf.

Distinguished by a Molière for creation for young audiences in 2018, this Little Red Riding Hood is based on an intimate way and in the greatest simplicity, bringing together two actresses and an actor-narrator. Viewers are immersed in the heart of the drama where the fear of growing up and the desire to break free, the temptation to venture off the beaten path and the fear of meeting bad people all mix.
Intense blacks, sharp light, depth of field, Joël Pommerat’s characteristic aesthetic is based on the lights designed by Eric Soyer. So many shadows and lights to grow.

TO GO June 3 at 7 pm and June 4 at 5 pm at the Point d’Eau, in Ostwald. Prices from €6 to €15, duration: 45 min.

Breath From The Void celebrates the release of their first EP on June 4 at the Salle des Brasseurs in Lutterbach.  Photo L'Alsace/Céline Russo

Breath From The Void celebrates the release of their first EP on June 4 at the Salle des Brasseurs in Lutterbach. Photo L’Alsace/Céline Russo

Lutterbach: Communication restored with Breath From The Void

Formed in 2020 near Mulhouse, Breath From The Void (BFTV) quickly came into their own. Overheated amplifiers, Max raising his guitar to maximum saturation, Claudio on bass and William on percussion banging together around Morgan, a restless and angry singer… Facing the wind against them, the four boys face the hurricanes of heavy metal and they never miss a beat. .no arguments.

His first feats were recorded on an EP produced in early 2022 but which had not yet been celebrated on stage as it should have been. Seven titles appear on the object of the crime. The sound is brutal, the rhythmic breaks vertiginous, the stratospheric tension… BFTV throws into oblivion the long evenings of confinement boredom to deal with different social issues in its own way: the ecological emergency, religious extremism or human relations in a broad sense.
“A track like Anything Anybody is about romantic relationships or friendships,” explains Max. “This text was inspired by people who, although they are close, no longer take the time to listen or communicate, not even by text message.”

On the communication side, instead, we can count on Breath From The Void who knows how to turn up the volume properly and will let it be known on June 4 for an evening of high decibels, in the company of two other guests. groups: Fall Of Death and Disregard Us.

TO GO Saturday June 4, 7:30 p.m., Salle des Brasseurs de Lutterbach. Price: €8 (with free EP)

The company "laughs who who" will give a concert on the theme of school holidays, in the park of the Château des Rohan, on Saturday June 4 at 6 pm.  Photo Julien Hay

The company “Rit qui qui” will give a concert on the theme of school holidays, in the park of the Château des Rohan, on Saturday June 4 at 6 pm. Photo Julien Hay

My sheep is a festive lion for Pentecost in Saverne

Launched on May 10 in the Saverne region, the festival for young audiences My sheep is a lion, which mixes diverse and varied artistic proposals (music, theater, circus, puppets, etc.) for a family audience, will stop at the city ​​of Rohan on the occasion of the Pentecost weekend, during four days of festivities from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th June.

This culminating moment will begin on Friday night with musical walks starring students from the inter-municipal music school and students from the Les Sources primary school; The evening will continue with the Weepers Circus concert, in the castle grounds.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be many games, activities and shows, always in the park and in the center of Saverne. A “spectacular walk” through the forest will close this festive weekend, with Les Chanteurs d’Oiseaux.

TO GO The full program can be found on the festival website:
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