Monopoly: its creator, Elizabeth Magie, was a feminist and anti-capitalist

“Poor mine, you have to mortgage!”. If the creator of Monopoly saw us looting our friends in this board game, would she roll over in her grave?

youpennybags. in the box Monopolyin the center of plateau and in the fake tickets, the famous mascot of this is drawn board game. Inspired by the businessman JP Morgan, it clarifies Elizabeth Magie, the true figure of the game… in the image of engineer Charles Darrow, who claimed and obtained the rights to Monopoly in 1934. According to an article published in the parisian May 22 is “the Match the most famous plateau in the world, sold 275 million copies in 111 countries and translated into 43 languages”.

An incredible notoriety, which often prevails over the true story behind this entertainment. 1904. The owner’s game (“landowner’s game” in French) is patented by American stenographer Elizabeth Magie, called “Lizzie”. Her goal? He denounces “the excesses of capitalism”, recounts the parisian. A great ambition for this. “fervent feminist, author of short stories, or even an actress”, informs the newspaper.

Elizabeth Magie, known as “Lizzie”, American stenographer. Photography: Anspach Archives – screenshots

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The soft power of a board game

elizabeth magic believed hard as iron that each individual had the right to own land. A testament that she wanted spend on your Owner’s game. “Looked like impossible for an unknown woman working as a stenographer an opportunity to alleviate the ills of society with someas trivial as a board game”tells the American journalist Mary Pilon, in her book monopolists. “But she had to tryshe wrote.

By last, it was Charles Darrow, the engineer who made the game evolve of Lizzie Magie, who will know notoriety and become… millionaire. In a trial in 1976, the anti-capitalist stenographer, who died in 1948, will end up being recognized as the true creator Monopoly. And, posthumously, won the game.


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