Hautes-Pyrénées: Private guards, guarantors of respect for regulations and the environment, in rural areas

The departmental federation of Hautes-Pyrénées private guards who work in sectors such as hunting, fishing, but also the forest or the paths, is holding its general meeting on Saturday morning in Tournay.

“With covid, we couldn’t maintain the bond between the guards too much. It’s time to pick up the pieces. “And for Didier Terrail, president of the Hautes-Pyrénées departmental federation of private guards, nothing like the general assembly, scheduled for this Saturday at 10 am at the Tournay town hall to renew this link.

The president of the federation Didier Terrail, surrounded by the treasurer, André Pourtalet, and the secretary, Ludovid Coursol. /Photo Andy Barrejot

Because even during the health crisis, the private guards continued to inspect the land, within the legal framework that was specified to them. “We are voluntary citizens, in charge of a public service mission,” recalls the president. We are observation agents who prepare detailed reports or official reports, in case of flagrant non-compliance with the environmental code or the different regulations. Although we depend on the prosecutor, we are not investigators. »

extended missions

In Hautes-Pyrées there are about a hundred private guards who are not armed (except for the destruction of pests) and intervene throughout the territory on different principles and in the hunting, fishing, wood sectors but also roads. These guardians of the law follow a previous common training, before obtaining the approval of the prefect, essential to operate, within a certain but increasingly broad framework. “Since 2020, we have been part of the daily security police, as part of the fight against crime in rural areas, recalls Didier Terrail. We contribute to the police of the field in particular for the dumping of garbage or the illegal occupation of public roads. »
Great missions for which exchanges are a plus between the guards. “The federation also offers us legal support in case of a problem, specifies Ludovic Coursol, secretary of the federation. Because when you write a report, you have to be solid and above all master the regulatory framework. Hence the interest in discussing practices also among ourselves, but also with other interlocutors such as the gendarmerie or the OFB. They will all meet again this Saturday morning in Tournay.
Andy Barrejot

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