Gisele Bündchen reflects on “the most traumatic moment of her life”

Brazilian supermodel remembers her tears during the mythical parade gold plating of the late English designer, in an interview for the English edition of fashion of this May.

For many, Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 1998 show is one of the greatest fashion moments ever orchestrated. originally called gold bath, the show featured incisive silhouettes carried by lifeless models, in cleverly orchestrated malaise. The tension reached its apotheosis with torrential rain falling on the podium. A radical exploration tinged with fetish references that the young Gisele, 18, was not prepared to face. In a video for the English edition of the magazine fashion The Brazilian top remembers this first London fashion show and called it “one of the most traumatic moments of (her) life”.

On this day in September 1997, Gisele Bündchen arrives backstage at the first ever London fashion show to land. “I remember doing all these castings and no one looked at my book because the aesthetic at that time was that of a ‘chic heroine’ and of course I had nothing to do with that,” she recalls in her interview for fashion. When the young Brazilian finds herself in front of one of the three outfits that have been assigned to her, she collapses.

Gisele Bündchen shows for the first time in London for Alexander McQueen. (London, September 1997.) Getty

It was a top made of yarn, worn with a silver strap. “I asked him, ‘Is this part of a shirt?'” recalls the 41-year-old model. No, that was it. I started crying, “Ella Then she talks about a catastrophic makeup session between big false eyelashes and her prayers that her father never sees her in this outfit that reveals her chest.

“Someone had had the idea to dress him in a latex top for his last visit, clearly signing the end of his innocence,” recalls Tim Blanks in an article for fashion business. “All I wanted was to leave, but, you know, it’s this kind of experience that makes you stronger,” says Gisele Bündchen. A few years later, in 2000, the model became an Angel of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. And a top model idolized for her sculpted body and healthy screw banner on which she regained power, with all the success we know.


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