The Cannes Film Festival opens a new dimension in the metaverse

For its 75th edition, the The Cannes festival is renewed with an exclusive immersive experience. Brut, a new official partner, returns the Croisette to the metaverse of the popular Fortnite video game.

a new visibility

The Cannes Film Festival announced, in a press release in early April, a new partnership with France Info and Brut. Brut’s choice of digital media is accompanied by a promise: “to give the event a new visibility among the younger generations, all over the planet. A community with very diverse centers of interest but that finds common values ​​of openness: diversity, questioning of power, gender, love, solidarity, etc. Values ​​that are also transmitted by the films present at Cannes, whatever their country of origin. “.

To fulfill this promise, Brut has decided to bring the festival to life in the heart of one of the most popular games in the world: Fortnite.

This project was carried out by Vysena Studios, a French virtual creation studio, and supported by Epic Games, publisher of the Fortnite game. For the occasion, the partners have created an entire exclusive multiverse with original images and sounds.

Become a festival participant

Therefore, between May 17 and 28, it will be possible to enter the world of the festival virtually in the shoes of a journalist, an actor or a filmmaker. Each of these characters will be associated with specific missions: conduct interviews, pass a casting and even climb steps.

Other side quests will be available, in accordance with these opening values ​​promoted by the Cannes Film Festival, it will be on climate change and the theme of inclusion and diversity in the world of cinema.

engage youth

Through this approach, the Cannes Film Festival and Brut aim to attract a younger audience. Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder and CEO of Brut, says: “The world’s largest film festival should be accessible to all and video game platforms are the perfect way to engage this generation.”

Along the same lines, the outlet also partnered with the social network Tiktok and an NFT sale with artist Emily Yang (@pplpleaser on Instagram). The funds will be donated to theUSC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative that supports inclusion in entertainment and female content creators.

Image: © Paramount Pictures Corporation – Jim Carrey, Peter Weir’s The Truman Show / Graphics © Hartland Villa

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