The Casino des Palmiers de Hyères reopened its doors on Wednesday after several months of work

Fans of slot machines and other blackjack tables have patiently taken their troubles, but the result is worth it.

Since Wednesday, the one that everyone in Hyères knows as the Casino des Palmiers, has reopened its doors in its new configuration after several months of work.

A makeover complete with a reorganization and expansion of the gaming area which seems to attract both regulars and new customers.

“We wanted to see how the clientele reacts, they are there, it is satisfactory”, welcomed Jean-Jacques Ichai, new director of the premises, a few hours after the inauguration. Small tour of the owner.

From casino to casino…

Regulars at gambling establishments know the difference, the general public a little less. The Hyères casino changes its name and becomes Pasino d’Hyères.

“A kind of medal of honor of the group”, and a recognition mark for casinos whose activity goes beyond gaming.

El Pasino d’Hyères thus integrates this new generation of establishments, flagship of the Partouche group, which are actually leisure centers where games, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, space for events…

Jean-Jacques Ichaï, the new director of the Pasino de Hyères, wants to make his establishment number 1 in the Var. Photo LAURENT MARTINAT.

An expanded game room

This is surely the most spectacular change of the establishment. From now on, slot machines and traditional games occupy the entire ground floor of the Pasino.

A passage room with an area more than twice as large, which houses some 175 slot machines, and 48 electronic roulette and 7 blackjack stations.

Without forgetting, of course, the traditional tables. “We want to be number one in the Var again”, clearly announces the director.

Electronic roulettes. Photo LAURENT MARTINAT.

The restaurant levels up

More luxurious, upstairs, the 90-seat casino restaurant has returned to its original location after this reorganization.

Access will be reserved for adults, since you will have to enter the game section to access it. Customers will be able to find a reworked menu, a new cuisine.

The new restaurant is upstairs and it’s upscale. . . Photo LAURENT MARTINAT.

entertainment all the way

in the casino Pasiño d’Hyères, there are not only games. The site offers various entertainment possibilities.

With its auditorium on one side that regularly offers shows and concerts, but also with its Victoria room (see next door), completely refurbished and which gives access to an enlarged terrace that allows expanding the range of events organized in this venue.

Meanwhile, you can host seminars, weddings, dinner shows in a magnificent setting that’s more intimate than the 700-seat auditorium.

The casino now has 175 slot machines and 7 blackjack stations. Photo by Laurent Martinat.


In addition to the many electronic machines that “attract the young”, the establishment offers or will offer several new products. Starting with poker tournaments once a month. For lottery lovers in search of sensations during confinement, the bingo halls are relaunched – the next one will be held on Sunday, April 24 at 2:30 p.m.

They are also reflecting on the opening of an open recreational terrace that “could be an additional asset of our establishment” Jean-Jacques Ichai projects.

Finally, as announced by Patrick Partouche, chairman of the group’s supervisory board, Partouche casinos will accept cryptocurrencies this summer and a first draft jokers cluba collection of NFTs, released earlier this week.

Jean-Jacques Ichai, director of the Pasino in one of the new gaming rooms. Photo by Laurent Martinat.

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