Stranger Things: the Duffer brothers explain who is Vecna, the new terrible enemy of season 4

The children of Hawkings will have to face it. Vecna ​​​​will be the villain of the long-awaited season 4 of Stranger Things, whose first episodes will be released on May 27.

“The time has come to put an end to your sufferings.” It is with these words that the beast made her strange voice resound in the trailer. Behind his humanoid monster appearance hides a mythical character from Dungeons & Dragons, the cult role-playing game that is already at the origin of the monsters of the Upside Down, namely the Demorgogon, the Demogogs and the Mind Flayer.

“It’s the monsters that really inspired us this season,” the creators explained in a riveting interview with IGN. We also wanted to go back to what we did in season 1, which was a monster that we could do live on set. What you see in the series is 90% done with practical effects. And Vecna, throughout the season, is 90% achieved by practical effects! We wanted a presence on set that our actors could react to. Because in Season 3 they were playing against a beach ball… So we wanted something that we could film, and I think it makes this villain scarier and more real and tangible.”

God of magic and secrets, Vecna ​​can manipulate minds through fear. As for his look, he is reminiscent of the Night King in Game of Thrones. And it’s no accident, as it’s prosthetic artist Barrie Gower who gave birth to the two…

Game of Thrones is definitely hovering around season four. “We only realized halfway through the writing phase that this season was going to be huge. Obviously, we refer to Game of Thrones through these multiple points of view, but also in terms of twists and reveals. This season fans will finally have answers to their questions about the Upside Down mythology,” added his brother Ross.

much more supernatural

For season 4, which they wanted to be decidedly darker and more terrifying, they also explained to IGN that they wanted a monster in the vein of Hellraiser, a horror character like the ones that terrified them as kids, like Freddy Krueger, whose lead actor Robert Englund also joins the cast this year.

“We spend more time in the Upside Down than in any other season,” the Duffers said. “We wanted to do the haunted house thing, I think, for a while,” says Matt. “Every year we try to do something different. It was a scarier season. The kids are in high school and it seemed natural that they were in a horror movie.”

Keep in mind that Vecna ​​won’t be the only monster in the new season of Stranger Things. The trailer also quickly reveals that a fight between Hopper, trapped in Russia, and a Demogorgon will take place in some kind of pit. “This is just a glimpse of a pretty crazy sequence,” the Duffer brothers told IGN. “It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, which is kind of a gladiator sequence with a Demogorgon,” Matt said.

“And just the idea of ​​seeing a Demogorgon in the snow is something we’ve been obsessed with and have been obsessed with for about four years, so I think we wrote it in Russia and let you hear that there was a Demogorgon in Russia at the end of season 3”.

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