Souillac. La Forge: heritage at the service of culture

The association “La Forge au fil du Temps” held its general assembly on April 2. 87 members, a high-quality cultural program, placed under the sign of diversity, with many ambitious projects for 2022. President Virginie Destrel, her renewed office and all the volunteers, are mobilizing in good spirits to bring to life and animate this magnificent treasure of the heritage of Souillac. We asked him to tell us about his plans.

Many events in 2021?

An intense season, with fifteen events. I can mention in particular the exhibition “Unveiling Afghanistan” organized by Andreea Macea and a group of young Afghans from Souillac on October 23 and 24. A great public success and above all a great human adventure. From November 27 to December 5, the exhibition of the artists Patricia Neal, Léloi and Christophe Cayla was a daring bet at Heart of Winter; a successful bet for the satisfaction of visitors and exhibitors. The other events also met their audience.

An ambitious program for the 2022 season?

On Saturday, April 16 at 2:30 p.m., we welcome the association “La route des canons”, a nod to the distant past of La Forge, a cannon and cannonball factory for the kings of France. On May 15 we organize a spring festival with exchange of plants, market and exhibitions. From June 10 to 13, exhibition of Clémentine Halleux and Monique Créplet (stained glass windows and paintings). From June 25 to July 2, exhibition of Cathy Chastagnol and her students. From July 4 to 10, reception of the “chainsaw” sculptors who will work the redwood pieces. We will have the opportunity to return to the other activities of the summer term. The contemporary art exhibition “Résurgence”, organized by Cauvaldor from September 30 to November 27, pays tribute this year to the “La Forge” collection. A great recognition for our association.

Do you also have a global site rehabilitation project?

In association with Florence Lacoste this project is being born. Its axis is the commissioning of the hydroelectric plant; commissioned in 1887, it supplied the town of Souillac. It is supported by the “Sauvegarde des Moulins du Quercy” association. A site visit with all partners, supporters and guides is scheduled for April 22 at 10 am

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