Racism: actress Franchesca Wong creates controversy by making a “brownface” for a series

To play a Filipino domestic worker, a serial actress from Hong Kong darkened her skin with makeup. This behind-the-scenes scene, filmed and posted on Instagram, has reignited the “brown face” controversy in Asia.

LFilipinos did not appreciate… A controversy is currently taking place in Asia. behind the scenes O’Karma Barracks 1968, a series set in Hong Kong. According to an article in CNN Posted this Thursday, April 14, one of his actressesFrancisca Wong, has darkened her skin herself with makeup”to play a Filipino domestic worker“. These behind-the-scenes images have been revealed via an Instagram clip by one of her colleagues, while she was applying the dark shadow on her pale legs. Several elements of this scene were convicted of the asian community : this is why.

The poster for season 2 of “Barrack O’Karma 1968”. CNN: screenshots

First, Franchesca Wong resorted to “brown face”. Also called “black face”, this makeup technique is to darken the skin of an actor to represent a person of a different race. The “brown face” is become taboo in North America and much of Europeto remember CNNwhere we see a concerted pressure for a casting and a representation more diversified in the entertainment industry“. In Asia, It is not it’s not the first time that a controversy arises around the darkening of the skin: that’s the whole point TV shows and commercials.

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“I sunbathe”, describes the actress, while putting on makeup

The fact that the actress does it herself. to film, and that the representation is not representative of a person Filipino, outraged this community. Later, in the video, Franchesca Wong does not hesitate to take on a filipino accentwhich is not”not a“, Internet users point out, adding thatthey would have preferred an actor of Filipino origininstead of a bad imitation.I sunbatheclumsily described the actress, while applying the dark shadow. I transform in another person“, announces, boisterous in front of the camera.

From, the clip has been deleted social media. Chain TVB From Hong Kong, who produces the series, has also deleted the seventh episode from O’Karma Barracks 1968″.he did not do itit has never been our intention to disrespect you or of discriminate based on nationality in one of our programs“, statement TVBadding: “We would like to express our concern for anyone who could be affected by this matter“. The chain announced that the episode would be available again “after a news modifying the content… Without giving more details.


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