Programs, glossary, discovery of Asian culture… Everything you need to know about the Mang’Azur in Toulon

Two years of absence is a long time. Especially for lovers of Japanese culture, accustomed for years to meeting during the Mang’Azur. Due to the health crisis, the event has been canceled for the last two editions. Well calm down everyone: the 15Y The edition of the show will take place on April 16 and 17, 2022 at the Neptune Palace in Toulon.

An unmissable event for Asian pop culture in the region, Mang’Azur is aimed at all fans of the genre, but also at the general public. “For several years now, the show, which highlights Japanese culture, has opened up to that of South Korea. And for this edition, we went all out, inviting a K-Pop group, MCND (see below). The group will come to perform in a room and will honor us with their presence. it’s a great first“, explains Orianne Lee, organizer of the event.

Therefore, a colorful program awaits lovers of Japanese and Korean culture. Visitors will be able to walk through the corridors of the Palacio de Neptuno, where 90 exhibitors will be installed, 20 more than in previous editions. “Some are professional, offering figurines, posters, and manga; and others are creators who will exhibit traditional products related to the two countries that will be in the spotlight during these two days “, adds the organizer.

A fan zone on the esplanade of the palace.

Also in the program, the activities and entertainment that make the event a success. Conferences led by professionals, video games, dance shows will continue to be part of this year.

As well as the cosplay night on Saturday night, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Fans of the genre will be able to find a Disney-themed parade and attend three competitions, including two international ones. If the emblematic animations are back, a novelty is added to this edition: the establishment of a fan zone, on the esplanade of the palace, place Besagne.

The perimeter will be cordoned off all weekend to allow “to multiply the entertainment, even before entering the palace. The wait will be less painful. The food stalls will be present, of course with products of Japanese cuisine.emphasizes Orianne Lee. We expect about 15,000 visitors for this edition. It will certainly be a record. “.

In the announcement of his concert scheduled for April 17, the hashtag #Toulon lights up on the social network Twitter. MCND, a Korean pop (K-pop or Korean pop) group stops by the Neptune Palace for their world tour.

As its name does not say, K-pop designates by extension, and simplification, many different musical genres, from rock to hip-hop for example. It is defined by an ordered aesthetic of music videos and artists, and often by dance performances. Even if some “idols” (read elsewhere) prefer to play their instruments on stage, like the band Day6.

When we think of K-pop, we often think of girl bands and boy bands, but solo singers are such a big part of the picture. Korean artists recently received numerous international awards: the boy band BTS was named “Artist of the Year” by Time in 2020 and is the only group in the world, along with the Beatles, to have sold a million records in one year in the United States. However, “idols” still suffer from stubborn stereotypes in France, which affects their fan community.

“You can criticize when you have listened”

“A lot of times when I talk about K-pop, people tell me that [les artistes] they are effeminate ‘chintok’. And they’re surprised to hear that I listen to them because they think that all fans have dyed hair, or that they’re necessarily outliers. Well, that’s not true!” testifies Lauryn, a student from Toulon at the sports school.

The young woman does not openly say that she is a fan of K-pop, although she does not hide it if the question is asked. “If they ask me, I assume it, I am proud to hear it, but I would not claim it either. I am quite reserved and I am a little afraid of the judgment of others.

A concert at the Neptune Palace on Sunday

To these people, Lauryn replies: “You can criticize when you’ve listened, when you have something to talk about. Otherwise, we can’t argue.” The young woman went to the Place de la Liberté cinema in mid-March to see the broadcast of a BTS concert: “Movie tickets sold out very, very quickly, it was crazy.”

Ange teaches K-Pop dance classes at Studio Factory, a café-théâtre in the center of Toulon. The young dancer discovered the genre in 2016: “I love this music style. It’s original, there’s everything! The music videos are also nice. I recently saw Maniac from Stray Kids, a boy band from South Korea. It’s amazing what they do, even without mentioning the point From the point of view of the fans, because I do not “stan” (read elsewhere) no group, I don’t know the members, but in terms of work and aesthetics above all! »

The young man will be present at Mang’Azur, the festival of Japanese culture that is increasingly opening up to Korean culture. K-pop group MCND will also be at the Neptune Palace on Sunday.

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