Marine Le Pen opposes her “national ecology” to the “punitive ecology” of Emmanuel Macron

The programs of the two finalists in the presidential election have been scrutinized by the main environmental organizations and specialized think tanks. And as for the climate, their responses to the ecological crisis (pollution, collapse of biodiversity, etc.) are considered largely insufficient. “Neither the program of Emmanuel Macron nor that of Marine Le Pen do not show off their measures in favor of the environment”, Judge Jean-François Julliard, General Director of Greenpeace France. The presidential candidate promised“to enrich” his programme “Difficult to believe in new promises after five years of resignations”comments the head of the NGO, which lists the abortifacient release of glyphosate, the reauthorization of neonicotinoids “bee killers” or even the abandonment of most of the proposals of the citizen convention on climate.

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If the measures in favor of the environment occupy two pages in Emmanuel Macron’s program (with proposals to clean up old landfills, reduce the export of waste or show the environmental impact of current products), the candidate of the National Rassemblement dedicates a “ thematic booklet” , in the same way as agriculture or the protection of animals, a subject especially loved by the one who did not stop getting on stage with her cats during the campaign. an operation of “green wash”, according to Mr. Julliard, who “Fear the worst with Marine Le Pen.”

Throughout fifteen pages, Marine Le Pen develops her vision of ecology: a “national ecology” based on the “localism” and the “preference for French products” of those who want, for example, to increase the proportion to 80% in the canteens. Your project proposes “Turning the page on punitive ecology and bad conscience”. “France is one of the five countries where the environment is less degraded”, affirms the candidate of the National Grouping. A proof of this statement? “No French city is among the 500 most polluted cities in the world! », according to the ranking of the Swiss company IQ Air. Since then, “Why punish the French? It is not up to the French to pay for others! »

Le Pen defends the car

There is a lot of talk on your show about ” protect “, but unlike his rival, not a word about sobriety. It is not about touching the way of life of the French. : “The French will still be able to take their families out in the car, take hot baths, enjoy the wood fire in the fireplace and celebrate Christmas! » – allusion to the controversies regarding fir trees or foie gras fired in the cities run by the elected Europa Ecologie-Les Verts.

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