Kojima Productions acquired by PlayStation? Hideo makes things clear

business news Kojima Productions acquired by PlayStation? Hideo makes things clear

The rumor swelled since yesterday, to the point of becoming the main topic of discussion for many: what if Kojima Productions were bought by Sony? Having thrown oil on the fire himself this very morning, Hideo Kojima came to douse the fire on Twitter.

Redemption and Clank

We told you yesterday: Sony has updated the banner on its PlayStation Studios site to incorporate Death Stranding. As a result, good old Sam Porter Brigdes (played by the timeless Norman Reedus) found himself alongside Aloy, Kratos, Ratchet, Deacon St John or even Ellie: in short, only next to icons designed by PlayStation Studios games… and therefore owned by Sony.

Inevitably, there was something to be intrigued and many believed that the Kojima Productions acquisition announcement would go quietly. This morning, Hideo Kojima himself had shared the famous banner on his Twitter account, considerably fueling the rumours… except it really isn’t. The Japanese director spoke on this subject, still on the social network:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS was and will continue to be an independent studio.

the adventure continues

We remind you that the rumors in the corridors about the next Kojima Productions game, which we know is in development, are going well: this would obviously be a horror game and above all, could be made exclusively for Xbox, by Microsoft. In any case, this is what has been said very seriously for months.

Difficult to see clearly in all this, especially when we know the excellent relations between the Japanese creator and Sony, allies for decades. We imagine that we will have to take our problems with patience: Perhaps we will have more information this summer, during the events organized by Geoff Keighley?

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