“It’s about reconciling economic well-being and the environment”

The Zero Net Artificialization (Zan) approach is part of the State’s biodiversity plan. The city is one of twenty-two French territories selected for this experiment.

Marguerittes is one of twenty-two winners selected for the Zero net artificialisation (Zan) experiment launched by Ademe. What does it consist of?

It corresponds to a territory to plan its social and economic development, stopping consuming natural and/or agricultural spaces to build facilities, houses, shops. It is a modern and innovative trend in land use planning after decades of using a model that has reduced the share of agriculture in our lives, drained wetlands, reduced biodiversity. Every year 20,000 ha of nature are lost in France. Now it is about finding a way to reconcile economic well-being and the environment.

The Zan experiment for which we have been selected is clearly framed in the elaboration of future land and urban planning laws that advance towards the mandatory adoption of this principle by all territories.

What prompted the municipality to be a candidate and what will this designation bring?

The implementation of the general reform of the Plu, necessary to return agriculture to the Vistre plain, and our determination to include in it the principle of not leaving the current urban area. It seemed to us that our choices fell naturally into the Zan program, and so it did, since here we are among the twenty-two territories selected at the national level for two reasons: integration of the Zan dimension in the general territorial project of the municipality and the operational implementation of the urban renewal.

Specifically, this translates into aid of up to €100,000 for the studies that we have to carry out within the framework of the revision of the Plu and the revitalization of the agricultural plain. And above all, we are the smallest territory held. It is quite an acknowledgment for Marguerittes.

A communication effect, you mean?

No, I said acknowledgment. Of our work, of the spirit with which we are building our future, of the content that we intend to integrate into the Plu.

On this issue, we are working closely with the Department and the CAUE for the preservation of agricultural and natural lands, with the Occitania region for energy transition and mobility, with Scot Sud Gard and the State for registration in the planning and development guidelines. established by law and our proposal inspire all our partners, who see it as an innovative approach that can and should serve as an example.

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